Terre Haute Chamber Recovery Guide’s Industry Guidelines: Manufacturing

Terre Haute Chamber Recovery Guide’s Industry Guidelines: Manufacturing

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce is committed to working with businesses in West Central Indiana to rebuild the economy of our community. To continue our mission of providing resources, information and support to our members, we have compiled industry specific information to serve as a guide for our local manufacturing companies as you begin to look towards a new normal.

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Emergency Preparedness for Businesses

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has a Navigating COVID-19 resource page on their website, which lists the “3 Building Blocks for the New Future of Work”(Note: Some resources/tools require membership access).

Indiana’s Back on Track Information:

Employer Information:

• Must meet CDC and OSHA guidelines
• Required to ensure 6 feet between employees whenever possible; if this is not possible, install barriers
or make other accommodations
• Required to develop a protocol to screen employees before they commence work
• Require symptomatic employees to stay home and recommend they be tested
• Train employees on importance of hygiene and sanitation
• Provide sanitization stations in common areas and work areas
• Require regular hand washing
• Increase use of virtual communication methods whenever possible
• Hold as few in-person meetings as possible and limit any necessary in-person meetings to 10 people
with social distancing
• Utilize face coverings according to industry best practices guidelines (e.g. masks, scarfs,
surgical masks)
• Limit business travel to essential travel only

Specific Information for Employees: 
• Group employees by shift to reduce chances of transmission
• Provide face coverings for employees and any necessary guests (e.g. masks, scarfs, surgical masks)
• Ban or limit in-person meetings with external visitors or guests
• Increase flexibility of attendance policies when possible
• Increase communication and education of employees and their families

Work Stations, Shift Work and Physical Spaces: 
• Complete daily disinfection of workstations, desks, and other high-touch areas
• Water fountains should be closed. Employees should bring or buy their own drinks
• Place signage stating CDC guidelines and best practices for hygiene and sanitation
• Change shift patterns where possible to reduce exposure of employees
• Stagger lunch and break times where possible to limit congregating of employees
• Close regularly for deep cleaning
• Reduce pace to allow less employees per line or shift