Terre Haute Chamber COVID-19 Recovery Guide

It certainly won't be "business as usual" overnight, but the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce is committed to working with business in West Central Indiana to rebuild the economy of our community. To continue our mission of providing resources, information and support to our members, we have compiled information below to serve as a guide as you begin to look towards a new normal.

Are you operating a business in the West Central Indiana region? If so, we need to hear from you! Click below to access the West Central Indiana Business Hub: COVID-19 Emergency Response Team:

West Central Business Hub: COVID-19 Emergency Response Team

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Recovery Guide's Industry Specific Guidelines

News from the State of Indiana

On May 1, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced a 5-step plan that includes phased re-opening of businesses in Indiana.

On May 5, the Back on Track Marketplace was opened. This online hub serves as a resource for Indiana small businesses employing up to 150 associates that are in need of personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the health and safety of their workforce during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

COVID-19 Testing Information

Terre Haute Location
3614 Maple Ave, Terre Haute, IN 47804

Scheduling: By appointment - Scheduling via web available

Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:00AM - 8:00PM

To register for testing at an ISDH/Optum Site click here or call 888-634-1116. 

Union Medical Group is also offering testing via the 221 S 6th Street Respiratory Clinic. 

Resources for Reopening Standards

Government Guidance:

CDC Businesses and Workplaces: Plan, Prepare, and Respond

CDC Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting -  This guidance is intended for all Americans, whether you own a business, run a school, or want to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your home.

CDC Reopening Workplaces During the COVID-19 Pandemic - This tool is to assist employers in making decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces After COVID-19 - OSHA provides guidance, "this is not a standard or regulation, and it creates no new legal obligations. It contains recommendations, as well as descriptions of
mandatory safety and health standards.

The CICP published three return-to-work playbooks for manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, office environments and service-related companies.

Business Needs (PPE, Sanitizers, Barriers)

Vigo County Health Department - If you are a business that is in need of masks for your employees, please call (812) 462-3281. They may be able to help you locate available masks or put you in touch with individuals who are volunteering to make homemade masks.

Acorn Distributors - Acorn Distributors offers a variety of safety barrier options for customer and employee protection, including: cash register shields, sneeze guards, and hand-free door openers. Click here to view examples. Contact Mark Jahn at (812) 240-2658 or mjahn@acorndistributors.com to place your order.

B&B Foods Distributors - Open to the public! The store is carrying Chempro Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera for your sanitizing needs. You may also order physical barrier equipment through one of the many vendors of B&B. Stop in the store or call (812) 238-1438 for more information.

Cintas Corporation Location 370 - Beginning Friday, June 19 Cintas will be selling face masks (disposable and reusable) and hand sanitizer to the public.

Embroidery Express - Call Embroidery Express at (812) 238-3637 for your mask needs. All masks can be customizable with embroidery or screen print.

Pacesetter Sports - Purchase face masks via the online store. https://tinyurl.com/pacesetter-facemask. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. If you would like to order custom masks (minimum order of 12 @ $9.95 /ea) please contact via phone ((812) 234-8343), email, or visit our store location; 2831 S. 3rd Street. Free delivery to Wabash Valley Area

Personalized Promotions - Personalized Promotions can help you with your PPE and physical barrier needs for your business. Search the many options available at www.personalized-promotions.com. Contact Rosemarie for a quote at RTanoos@aol.com or by calling (812) 299-1000.

Staples -Staples would like to help make the reopening process for local businesses as easy as possible, as they have throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The store can offer some very helpful suggestions and recommendations for printing out your new guidelines, social distancing signage - floor signage, posters/banners, etc. Staples would love to be considered for all of your needs, as they have an excellent team who are willing and ready to help! Visit www.staples.com or call the store at (812) 478-9545 for more information. For a limited time, first responders and healthcare workers can receive 25% off on purchases - click here.

Tabco - Tabco is offering cost-effective communication tools such as Signs, Posters, Badges, Roll Labels, and Decals of all sizes and materials for doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, and  healthcare agencies and more. For hygiene awareness products to promote wellness, advise patients, and inform the public about new guidelines and disease prevention. Call Tabco today, (812) 232-4660.

Thiemann Office Products - Thiemann's remains open during COVID-19 restrictions. They are now offering sales of acrylic shields and protective barriers for office and business use, also Hand Sanitizers, Gloves, Anti Bacterial, Anti Microbial Hand Soap, Face Masks, Counter Top Protective Acrylic Shields, Disenfectant Cleaners, Paper Towels and Toilet Paper.For more information click here or call the store at (812) 235-8149.

TShirt1 - The company is operating and producing items such as masks or customized hand sanitizer. More information on mask ordering can be found by clicking here. Visit their website or call the office, (812) 232-5046.

Reopening Services - Janitorial, Sanitation

Amerestore – Amerestore is offering COVID-19 disinfecting services. The options include: Misting, Spraying and/or Wiping with an EPA registered COVID-19 product. All services are completed via OSHA/CDC/EPA protocols and guidelines for applying disinfectant. Pricing ranges from 0.20 to 0.55 per square foot. Check out www.amerestore.com for more information. Contact the office at (800) 672-1992 to schedule your appointment.

ATC Group Services - ATC can support your organization’s response to COVID-19 with critical planning, scope development and execution activities. Experienced industrial hygienists can provide the technical information necessary for appropriate risk assessment and response.  To view a list of services and support, click here or email julie.crewe@atcgs.com for more information.

Clean One Facility Services, Inc. – Clean One Facility Services, Inc.  is offering several COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting services at this time. Services are adhering to all CDC guidelines and all levels of cleaning specifications, including disinfectant fogging. Clean One offers complete building disinfecting, as well as fleet services. For more information or a quote, visit www.cleanoneservices.com or call (812) 243-9985.

Paul Davis of Terre Haute - Paul Davis of Terre Haute is offering COVID-19 preemptive disinfectant cleaning services. This service would include decontamination services with EPA/FDA approved chemical disinfectant; technicians in partial to full PPE. Cost is dependent upon cleaning during regular business hours (after hours is available).  Should you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call (812) 234-PAUL or visit www.terre-haute.pauldavis.com.

Servpro of Vigo County – Servpro of Vigo County is uniquely prepared during this unprecedented time to clean and disinfect your home or business according to the protocols set forth by the CDC. SERVPRO has years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants. Service professionals are trained to perform a proactive cleanup that involves facility or structure cleaning and disinfection. Servpro will use CDC recommended EPA-approved products during service. For more information on services or to make an appointment, visit www.servprovigocounty.com or call (812) 242-9611.

TBM Building Services – TBM Building Services is providing COVID-19 disinfecting services that include wiping down all commonly touched surfaces with an EPA approved products. TBM is using the EMist Electrostatic Disinfectant application system. This system places a positive charge on the liquid droplets as they leave the spray nozzle. The dispersed droplets spread out more evenly and seek out a negative or neutrally charged surface. The disinfectant provides a more uniform coverage with less waste, and like a magnet are attracted to the surface to cover and destroy germs. TBM also can disinfect all hard flooring, carpet and upholstery, as well as soft wash all exterior surfaces. All cleaning staff are provided proper PPE - gloves, safety glasses, and masks. To request an estimate, visit www.tbmbuildingservices.com or call (812) 235-6117.

Industry Specific Information and Resources

Retailer-Specific Resources: The following are helpful best practice information collected by our team to help you prepare for re-opening.

Indiana Manufacturers Association - Indiana's leading advocate for industry, IMA will be offering free access to resource publications from now through June 30, 2020. Click here to sign up for the most up to date information.

National Restaurant Association - The restaurant industry has suffered significant sales and job losses since the COVID-19 outbreak. So far, more than 8 million restaurant employees have been laid off or furloughed, and the industry will lose $80 billion in sales by the end of April. Follow the Recovery Blueprint for continued updates and information.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has a Navigating COVID-19 resource page on their website, which lists the "3 Building Blocks for the New Future of Work". (Note: Some resources/tools require membership access).

COVID-19 Employer Best Practices

Working Arrangements

  • Offices closed for all or non-essential workers
  • Visitors restricted at all sites
  • Essential workers or in some cases Executive Response teams in the office practice social
    distancing. In many cases they are required to wear PPE/masks. Boxed lunches are provided.
  • All employees receive training on the new procedures as they return to work
  • Travel is generally cancelled with limited exceptions if critical to health or essential COVD
    related work and generally with senior level approval
  • All cross-border travel stopped

Events, Engagement and Communication

  • Generally, customer facing events will be reimagined, postponed, or canceled through the end of May
  • Onsite and offsite meetings, events, and social gatherings (including employees and/or guests) are reimagined, postponed or canceled in most cases through May
  • Ergonomics – Being addressed for home working arrangements. Some companies have provided an allowance for employees to purchase equipment at home (generally $250- $300/employee) e.g. a one-time office equipment and access to standard peripherals and the noise canceling headphones program

Employee Engagement and Support

  • Additional virtual social events and happy hours with focus on engaging teams. Many send uber eats, gift cards, deliveries and/or arrange scavenger hunts
  • Observed greater cross team and cross geography connections
  • Regularly – daily to weekly updates from leadership or a task force and sharing of resources
    critical to the employees
  • Virtual change leadership and wellbeing resources and conversations
  • Support for people living alone
  • Funds established to help with financial challenges by some businesses and reimbursable expenses for support up to as much as $100 a day
  • Virtual appointments at on campus health clinics
  • COVID-19 Safety Guidelines are regularly updated, and some businesses have created an internal employee group to centralize our responses


  • Childcare continues to be a challenge for working parents who are now at home with children. Some employers are offering reimbursement for back up care
  • Offer increased back -up daycare benefit from 10 to 20 days for each employee


  • Most summer intern offers are being honored, and companies are planning on virtual/remote internships
  • Many companies are shortening their internships to 4-8 weeks but compensating their interns for the original length of the intern program We are canceling about half of our
    internship openings.  Keeping a handful that are critical.
  • Some businesses have 3 key start dates for our interns. Many start June 1st which gives us more time to prepare
  • A few employers are cancelling programs or up to half of their internship offers.. But most will employ the interns hired but pause on any additions

Recruiting/ Interviewing

  • Most recruiting and hiring are continuing forward, with all interviews taking place by video/zoom or phone
  • Focused on critical hires but still building pipeline and recruiters are overall busy
  • New grad programs are generally stalled
  • Live interviews have been converted to virtual across the board
  • Updated all our messaging to candidates to reflect these changes and the times we are in
  • Experience some declines as new hires call and share, they are not comfortable making a move currently.
  • Onboarding and the I-9 process are now virtual for those new hires working remote Considerations in advance of return to work
  • Internal teams developing criterion of when to consider returning to work; it includes availability of testing and a period of consistent decline of cases across Indiana over an extended period; more criterion will apply
  • Before making final decision, evaluating availability of PPE
  • Plan to return employees back to the worksite over phases. Returning those most critical employees first and those who can work effectively in a virtual environment in the last phase.
  • Phased Return may take time and reach into the Fall