Terre Haute Chamber Recovery Guide’s Industry Guidelines: Salons, Spas and Personal Services

Terre Haute Chamber Recovery Guide’s Industry Guidelines: Salons, Spas and Personal Services

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce is committed to working with businesses in West Central Indiana to rebuild the economy of our community. To continue our mission of providing resources, information and support to our members, we have compiled industry specific information to serve as a guide for our local salons and spas as you begin to look towards a new normal.

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Downloadable Back to Work Plan: Professional Beauty Industry 

Indiana’s Back on Track Guidelines for Salons and Spas:

Information for Employers:

• Ensure 6 feet between employees utilizing spaced stations. If this is not possible, install barriers
• Accept customers only by appointment
• Train employees on the importance of hygiene and sanitation
• Develop a protocol to screen employees upon entry or before they arrive at the facility
• Require symptomatic employees to stay home and recommend they be tested
• Require face coverings for employees (e.g. non-surgical masks, face shields)
• Wear gloves whenever possible
• Clean high-touch items after each use (e.g. door handles, chairs, shampoo bowls)
• Expand hours for services to limit customers in the facility at any one time
• Suspend cancellation policies

Information for Customers: 
• Maintain social distancing
• Use hand sanitizers and wash hands in high-contact locations (e.g. register, entry, exit, bathroom)
• Do not come to an appointment if ill, symptomatic, or positive for COVID-19
• No guests should accompany the customer
• Require face coverings for customer (e.g. non-surgical masks, scarfs) and have unused
face coverings available
• Consider specifi c hours for at-risk populations (e.g. elderly and those with underlying
health conditions)
• Increase delivery, curbside pickup, to-go orders for all products (e.g. hairspray, shampoo, nail polish)

Products, Shared Spaces: 
• Remove all unnecessary items such as magazines, newspapers, service menus, any other unnecessary
paper products, and decor
• Wipe down all seats and tables
• Wipe reception desk with disinfectant
• Employees should frequently wash their hands after using the phones, computer, cash register,
and/or credit card machine. Wipe these surfaces between each use
• The use of credit/debit transactions is preferred, using touch/swipe/no signature technology
• Clean and disinfect all retail areas daily, including products
• Clients should avoid touching products they don’t intend to purchase
• Placement of visible and appropriate signage to communicate to the customer that thorough
sanitation procedures are in place
• Sanitize chairs, shampoo bowls, stations, treatment rooms, waiting areas, restrooms, break rooms,
counters, tools, doors and doorknobs, light switches, and all other touchable surfaces in between
each customer
• Product samples should not be offered until further notice
• Clearly post social distancing signage to advise employees and guests of requirements

Additional Recommendations: 
• Close regularly for deep cleaning
• Use plastic covering on cloth chairs that cannot be properly cleaned and disinfected
• Consider discontinuing use of paper appointment books or cards and replace with electronic options
• If available, wrap shampoo bowls in plastic and discard between each client