21st Century Talent Region

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West Central Indiana was designated as the state's seventh 21st Century Talent Region in July 2020. This designation is awarded to communities who are working collaboratively to attract, develop and connect talent. In addition, the designation provides access to resources that are important for every business and community entity throughout the region to access. Please feel free to reference this data for your own strategic planning or reference purposes.

The talent region includes the following counties: Clay, Park, Putnam, Sullivan, Vermillion and Vigo.

Talent Attraction

The following are key statistics we are tracking that impact our ability to recruit talent to the region.

GOAL ONE: Reverse the trend of population loss for our region, by moving our projected population loss to a negligible number by the year 2025.
Current Regional Porjection by 2050: -6.76%
Regional Goal by 2025: 0%
Source: https://www.in.gov/cct/datadisplay.htm

Related metrics:

Annual Commuting Pattern

(People entering/leaving region for work)

Net Migration

(Gross in-migration)

Total Regional Population
Cost of Living:
below the national average
  • These numbers show that on average, the number of people moving out of our region is greater than the number of individuals moving into the region. 
Source: https://www.in.gov/cct/datadisplay.htm
    • Although most of our population center is in the Terre Haute area, the surrounding counties provide much needed additional people to make our overall region a more relevant sector in the state. Source: https://www.in.gov/cct/datadisplay.htm 
  • On average, the cost of living in Terre Haute is 89.6% of the national average. Overall, the state of Indiana is 5.5% lower than the national average, making Terre Haute one of the state’s most affordable locations. Source: https://www.stats.indiana.edu/tools/col.asp?action=compute
  • Miles to Large Destinations:

    77 Miles to Indianapolis
    168 Miles to St. Louis
    181 Miles to Chicago

    Talent Development

    The following are statistics relevant to our region's ability to develop our own talent. Many of these are tied directly to education.

    GOAL TWO: By 2025 increase the educational attainment rate by 3.4%.
    Current Projected: 30.4%
    2025 Goal: 34%

    Dual Credit Rate


    HS Graduation Rate


    Adult Popluation w/ HSE


    Adult Population w/ Bacherlor's


    Talent Connection

    The following are statistics that show our ability to connect our talent with employment opportunities within the region.

    GOAL THREE: By 2025 increase the per capita personal income to within 85% of the current overall state average.
    Current Region (2019): $38,759
    Current Indiana (2019): $48,678
    Regional Goal by 2025: $41,376
    Source www.statsindiana.edu

    Per Capita Personal Income - Individual County Breakdown:













    While our per capita personal lags behind the state average, our region has an opportunity to turn this metric around. The following related metrics show exactly how we need to move this number in the right direction.

    Workforce Participation Rate


    Households above ALICE threshold



    Entry Level Wage:



    Avg. Hourly Wage:


    Parolee Employment


    • This number shows the number of individuals over the age of 16 who are eligible for employment and are actively employed. The state average is 60.69%
      Source: in.gov/cct/datadisplay.htm
    • This number shows the number of households in our region which are above the ALICE threshold, which is the minimum income level necessary for survival for a household. The state average is 61.29%
      Source: in.gov/cct/datadisplay.htm
    • This number shows the average wage earned when an individual enters the workforce in our region. The state average is $20,414
      Source: in.gov/cct/datadisplay.htm
    • This number shows the average hourly wage for employees in our region. The state average is $19.84.
      Source: in.gov/cct/datadisplay.htm
    • This number shows the percentage of individuals who are on parole and actively employed. The state average is xxx.
      Source: in.gov/cct/datadisplay.htm

    Key Economic Clusters


    Advanced Manufacturing: Plastics/Automotive




    Construction/Skilled Trades


    Information Technology

    Key Economic Clusters

    • Advanced Manufacturing (Plastics/Automotive)
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Construction/Skilled Trades
    • Information Technology

    Key Occupations

    • NIMS Certified Machinist
    • Certification of Manufacturing 4.0 (Smart Automation Certifications)
    • Controlled Environment Agriculture
    • K-12 Teachers
    • Higher Ed (All Employment)
    • Mental Health Professionals
    • Nursing: CNA, LPN, RN, APRN
    • Building Trades (Skilled Labor)
    • Architecture and Engineering
    • Informatics/Cybersecurity
    • Hospitality

    Data Sources