Chamber Advocacy: Legislative Update and Action Items (April 29, 2021)

Chamber Advocacy: Legislative Update and Action Items 

As the Chamber continues to serve the business community with traditional services, we also strive to educate and advocate for business at the state and federal level. Each week Chamber President Kristin Craig and the  Advocacy Committee will provide legislative updates. For more information or for questions about a specific bill, contact Kristin Craig at or (812) 232-2391. 

To: Chamber Members
From: Kristin Craig, President
Date: April 28, 2021
Re: State Legislative Recap

Chamber Members – 

As the 2021 Indiana Legislative Session closed last week, this is the final update on legislation we were closely following.

Legislative Action Items:


    CHAMBER NOTES: This bill was approved by both the Senate and House, and has been signed by Governor Holcomb and applies retroactively to 3/1/2020. It will remain in effect until 12/31/2024.


The Chamber closely monitored both bills related to COVID-19 Employer Liability issues and strongly supported the legislature tackling this key business issue. The bills will provide employer liability protections for all businesses across our state and in our region. Specifically we support SB1 and HB1002 which outline that employer liability protections are necessary to protect those employers who have followed health guidelines as they seek to resume normal operations. These protections are imperative for businesses to recover economically from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional Legislative Items:

The following are bills we monitored on behalf of the business community that could have a significant impact on our community:


    CHAMBER NOTES: This bill and subsequent revisions passed by both the House and Senate and it now awaits signature from the Governor. As the home of several large manufacturing facilities, we were particularly interested in the impact this bill could have on economic development in West Central Indiana. Several of our member manufacturers, including representatives from brick and steel, have voiced their support of this legislation and the positive impact it could have on their industry. We applaud our members from the brick and steel industry in particular who worked together to bring this change to all industries across our state.


CHAMBER NOTES: Given our proximity to the Wabash River, as well as other natural wetlands, we will be following this bill closely as it could have implications for long-term plans involving these areas, including businesses who regularly interact with wetland areas. It is now awaiting signature from the Governor.

CHAMBER NOTES: Unfortunately, this bill did not move through the session. We will continue to follow any further development regarding legislation around alternative energy projects as it could have a major impact on projects throughout the region.

Please join us for our final legislative-focused Advocacy Forum of the session on May 7 at 9am which will include recaps from all of our state legislators.