Crossroads Trails Celebrates Community Outdoor Spaces

Terre Haute and Vigo County’s public parks offer ample amounts of outdoor fun and recreation. One of the most prolific attributes the community can take advantage of is the trails system. Unique and scenic trails wind through the city and county along the Wabash River, through the Wabashiki Wetlands and into the forests.

The trails system is something the community has come together to celebrate in a variety of ways. One example is Crossroads Trails. Crossroads Trails is a partnership between Thrive West Central, The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and local organizations with an interest in trail development across West Central Indiana. In fall 2020, Thrive invited members of local trail organizations to form the inaugural “West Central Indiana Regional Trails Council”, which later selected the name Crossroads Trails to reflect the region’s identity as the crossroads of America.

“Crossroads Trails is an effort to celebrate one of the best assets we have in our community,” said Josh Alsip, Director of Community Engagement at the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce. “The trails system in Terre Haute and Vigo County directly supports multiple pillars of the See You in Terre Haute Community Plan by improving resident’s quality of life as well as inviting visitors to the community to enjoy our excellent outdoor spaces.”

In 2021, Crossroads Trails launched an app to help people get out on the trails and explore. The Crossroad Trails app is available on Android and IOS and offers users the ability to navigate West Central Indiana’s vast network of trails and outdoor amenities. With easy-to-use mapping features and amenity layers, this app is the perfect tool for trail users of all experience levels.

“This app will allow our communities to fully utilize the wonderful network of trails across our region. Thrive is so excited to have developed this resource with the support of our local partners,” said Ryan Keller, Executive Director of Thrive West Central. “We believe it will improve the quality of life in West Central Indiana for years to come.”

Expanding the already impressive trails system remains paramount for city and county leadership as well as the local organizations that make up Crossroads Trails. Recently, an additional 0.7 miles of paved walkway was added to the Wabashiki Wetlands. It serves as another great addition to Bicentennial Park, one of the most unique outdoor spaces.

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