Why was the Hobnob important to Terre Haute and the Region? - THCOC
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Why was the Hobnob important to Terre Haute and the Region?

Why was the Hobnob important to Terre Haute and the Region?

I’m often asked if I enjoy hobnobbing with elected officials. To some it may appear somewhat less than meaningful, but for the purpose of progress it’s important. The term depicts a social environment with food and drinks, talking, and familiarizing with one another. Although the idea has been used for years to creatively describe political networking events, its underlining meaning to the community is more.

On Monday evening we had the opportunity to hobnob with over 20 elected officials at almost all levels of government. Many state leaders drove from around Indiana to join us in networking and recognition of our shared opportunities. I was asked many times in the course of our time together, “What are we asking them for? What do you want me to say?” The answer was the same every time. I would tell him/her to talk about why they love their community. Passion builds consensus and it is human nature to want to support those who drive for success. The meaning of sharing passion for community and progress builds trusts, fosters ongoing relationships, and creates new opportunities. With over 100 people in the room talking to our elected officials about why they live in West Central IN, tells a story. It says – we want to partner, we want to share in progress, and we understand the importance of

The business community is the backbone of our economic infrastructure, and higher education feeds our workforce and ability to develop the best employees to advance our opportunities for not just sustainability, but growth. Monday night represented our community’s ability to bring business, education, regional partners, and non-profits together to showcase our readiness to be not just good, but great.

I’ve heard from many of our state officials who attended the event. They were complimentary, happy,
and willing to come back. They noticed a different community spirit in the air. They sensed what I was
feeling Monday evening – the tide is turning. Did you feel it, also? Terre Haute and West Central Indiana
is on the cusp of some great happenings.

Congratulations to our Chamber of Commerce, and those who sponsored the hobnob event. I hope you recognize it was more than just socializing, that in reflection you have distinguished our community and region as a friendly partner who not only wants a seat at the table, but has one. It’s important to hobnob because hobnobbing gives us the avenue to share our story, build relationships, and show passion for what we know is the best place to live in Indiana.

If you get invited to hobnob, say yes. It does a community good.

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