Member Spotlight: Thompson Thrift Wraps "TT Euchre Tournament for Charity" - THCOC
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Member Spotlight: Thompson Thrift Wraps “TT Euchre Tournament for Charity”

Thompson Thrift recently completed the final game of their 2019 TT Euchre Tournament for Charity. In early 2018, teams were formed from all parts of the company including construction, development, and corporate operations and played games throughout the year over their lunch breaks. Over $2,500 was raised through entrance fees and donations to benefit Next Step, a drug and alcohol recovery community located in Terre Haute.

The two teams in the finals Left to right: Brett Lewis, Don Potter, Jennifer Thompson, John Thompson, Casey Maxie, Eric Wojak

Scott Heustis, Project Manager in the Terre Haute office who had the idea for the tournament and organized the year-long event said, “It was great to see the comradery within the company and to see such a strong showing from the Terre Haute and Indianapolis offices for helping out our community.”

The double elimination tournament came down to Casey Maxie and Brett Lewis from the Terre Haute office and Don Potter and Eric Wojak from the Indy office with the final game being played in Mexico at a property owned by Thompson Thrift. After a tough match team Potter-Wojak pulled out the victory being named the 2019 Euchre Tournament for Charity winners.

After the game Eric Wojak, Development Director, commented, “It was great to be a part of raising funds for the Next Step organization, as well as have the opportunity to get to know others in the office that you don’t typically interact with day to day. Don and I are excited to have won, but the real win in this is the TT team members helping to positively impact our community.”

2019 Euchre Tournament for Charity Winners Left: Eric Wojak Right: Don Potter

John Thompson agrees, “We have great team members at TT and they truly are our greatest asset. It is inspiring to see them use their ingenuity, energy, and resources to give back to the community.”


Thompson Thrift, a nationally recognized full-service real estate company, operates with the mission: To Positively Influence our People and the Community Around Us. Co-founded in 1986 by local businessmen John Thompson and Paul Thrift, the company has grown to four offices, over 275employees, and projects in approximately one out of every four states in the U.S.

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