Manufacturing Month: Spotlight on Glas-Col

Manufacturing Month: Spotlight on Glas-Col

October is national Manufacturing Month. The Chamber of Commerce Manufacturing Council, along with Chamber member, Red Wing Shoes, are highlighting local manufacturing companies in West Central Indiana. All this month we’ll be featuring a closer look at our members. Special thank you to the local Red Wing Shoes for partnering with the Chamber, and providing extra perks to employees of these companies. 

Congratulations to Glas-Col, a 2020 Indiana Manufacturers Association Hall of Fame inductee!  For more on this honor check back with the Chamber, as we will continue to provide information on the honor next month.

October is “Manufacturing Month” – Tell us more about Glas-Col.

Based in Terre Haute, Glas-Col is a world leader in manufacturing laboratory products for science and industry. In addition to products used for heating, mixing, evaporation and air purification, they also manufacture instruments and controls. Glas-Col has been ISO-certified for more than 20 years, proving a strong commitment to quality. Like many companies, Glas-Col was born out of a need for a better system. In 1939, the founder was injured in a laboratory fire when heating chemicals over an open flame. In his spare time, he and his wife developed the heating mantle, still the standard in laboratory heating to this day. Now after more than 80 years, Glas-Col ships its products to more than 30 countries, continuing to keep an eye out for new markets and increased efficiencies for customers.

More history about the company and founder Dr. Morey.

The company was founded by Dr. Morey. Dr. Morey was a chemist at the former Commercial Solvents Corporation in Terre Haute who had been badly burned in a laboratory fire caused by a gas Bunsen burner. He developed an “electrical heating mantle” designed as a safer and more efficient way to heat laboratory glassware.  The product line has since grown to include mixing equipment, evaporation and air purification equipment.

Manufacturing is a huge industry, and very large in West Central Indiana. What have been your struggles related to COVID-19?

Glas-Col has been impacted heavily by COVID-19, as with many businesses locally and around the world. The business was impacted severely initially but as businesses, schools and universities begin to reopen Glas-Col is seeing their business start to return to pre-COVID numbers. The company is even working to open new product categories including safety shields.

Is your company hiring? What types of people are you looking to hire? How do people get more information if they’re interested in a career with your company?

Glas-Col continues to look for machine as well as hand sewers.  Interested applicants may call Glas-Col at 812-235-6167 or apply at Labor Link.