Glas-Col Celebrates 80 Year Anniversary

Glas-Col Celebrates 80 Year Anniversary


Terre Haute, Ind. – A Terre Haute company is celebrating 80 years in business. Glas-Col, the world’s leading manufacturer of laboratory products and industrial heating and mixing technology is ringing in 2020 with a celebration of the company’s 80th anniversary.

The company will host a celebration and plant tour on Wednesday, January 15 at 3pm. The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett will also contribute to the event.

Located at 7th Street and Hulman, Glas-Col (which is short for “glass columns”) employees 85 people, some of which Glas-Col CEO and President David Templeton says have been with the company for decades.

“It’s humbling and I’m so happy to be able to help a company that provides employment for 85 people, or 85 families,” Templeton says. “We are focused on growth, not growing wildly, but keenly focused on growth. I think about the people that have held the role before me and that will after me and what I can do now to keep us on the path that we are moving.”

Templeton, a Terre Haute native, is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and serves as a co-chair of the “See You In Terre Haute” Community Plan.

“The Chamber is always honored to celebrate a company milestone and over the last few months we have recognized a number of our members for longstanding contributions to the community,” says Terre Haute Chamber President Kristin Craig. “As we continue to work on the Community Plan and look to the future I think it says a lot about the community that we have such strong businesses and professionals, that are leading West Central Indiana. We look forward to continuing to work with Glas-Col and David Templeton – and celebrating this anniversary.”

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