Terre Haute McDonald’s Owners Surprise Manager with a Car

TERRE HAUTE, IN – Terre Haute McDonald’s Owners Nick and Jami Kasprzyk surprised general manager Rachel Washburn with a new car on Thursday. Washburn’s restaurant on Lafayette Avenue was a top performer during the recent “Speedee Drive Thru Classic” competition where more than 100 McDonald’s restaurants in the region competed for speediest drive-thru times. Winners in various categories from each week were entered into a surprise drawing for a car, and Washburn was the lucky winner.

“Rachel’s leadership, not just during this contest but at all times, is a huge reason for the success of this restaurant,” said local McDonald’s Owner Nick Kasprzyk. “She absolutely deserves this reward and Jami and I are honored to get to surprise her with it!”

The surprise happened in front of Washburn’s restaurant as she and several other members of the Kasprzyk team assembled to record, what they were told, was a video for a viral TikTok trend. During the middle of recording, the Kasprzyks pulled up behind the group in Washburn’s new car with a bow on top.

Pictured from left to right are: Dawn Lafata, Angel Rice, Rachel Washburn, Jami Kasprzyk, Nick Kasprzyk.