Community Plan 2022 Mid-Year Update

See You in Terre Haute Community Plan Provides Mid-Year Report 

Leadership from the See You in Terre Haute Community Plan provided a mid-year update today that included sharing news of over $500 million of investments in West Central Indiana this year. View the entirety of the Community Plan 2022 Mid-Year Report here. 

The See You in Terre Haute Community Plan provides a collective vision and long-term plan to develop a thriving and prosperous city, county, and region in Terre Haute, Vigo County, and West Central Indiana. The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and its Board of Directors, along with key stakeholders in every sector, are working together every day to advance the major goals of the plan, halting population decline and reversing the trend of declining per capita income.

Major highlights outlined in the plan include:

  • READI Grant: West Central Indiana received over $20 million in funding for twenty-four projects throughout the region.

  • Terre Haute Convention Center: Since its opening in May 2022, the state-of-the-art facility has already hosted many visitors to our community.

  • 134 Ribbon Cuttings: Since the launch of the plan in 2019, our community has celebrated growth and opportunity with many businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • West Central Indiana Business Hub: Designed to provide one-stop access to all business services throughout the region, the Hub will provide online and physical access to knowledge partners.

This year alone, Terre Haute has had 150+ community accomplishments that add up to a total of over $500 million in investment. 

In addition to celebrating accomplishments, the Mid-Year Update also provided the results of the first Terre Haute Community Census Day, held on April 26, 2022. The purpose of this bi-annual event is to measure the sentiment of Terre Haute-Vigo residents, visitors, high school students, and college students.

  • One of the biggest takeaways from Community Census Day is that while Terre Haute-Vigo County residents feel positive about the individual characteristics of our community, they suffer from negative self-esteem when talking about the community overall.

  • In addition, a majority of high school students throughout the region report they are interested in attending college, but are conflicted on whether or not they will stay in Terre Haute-Vigo County. While they agree it is a good place to live, they have negativity about things to do and future career opportunities.

The final announcement of the morning was the launch of a Community Plan dashboard which will track the progress of projects in Terre Haute. It is available at This will track progress against the two main goals of the plan, halting population decline and reversing the trend of declining per capita personal income.

For more information about the Community Plan, please contact Director of Community Engagement Josh Alsip at or (812) 232-2391.