Keymark Celebrates 10 Years in Business: Project Spotlight, LEED Buildings

Keymark Celebrates 10 Years in Business: Project Spotlight, LEED Buildings

The Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate Jacob Hellmann, his family and the entire team at Keymark Construction on 10 years in business.

To mark the milestone, we’ll look back on the last 10 years – and highlight some of the most significant projects in Keymark’s history. 

LEED Certifications (Leadership In Energy & Environmental Design)

Honestly, every day should be Earth Day! But having a day set aside to serve as a valuable reminder and a rallying point is still a great thing. This month we’re highlighting how building design and construction can affect sustainability. When designing and constructing a new building, project teams have a choice: join the movement of global leaders who are producing innovative buildings or maintain the status quo.

Every LEED building tells a story about each of the people involved in its creation – owners, architects, contractors, designers, material suppliers, the building’s users, and the community in which the structure is situated. Building green requires a higher level of knowledge and skill, and a willingness to invest in more eco-friendly construction practices. This is where Keymark Construction can help!

Keymark’s part of the story is about Jacob Hellmann’s LEED AP (Accredited Professional) certification. That credential signifies an advanced depth of knowledge in green building practices.

LEED is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Certification verifies training in the creation of healthy, resource-efficient, cost-effective buildings that enhance the lives and experiences of everyone who walks through its doors.

Putting LEED knowledge to work at work, the Keymark office is 100% electric-energy independent. It’s powered by rooftop solar modules that create excess solar energy – and that excess energy is stored in the electric grid. Keymark’s solar panels produce more electricity through the day than the offices need thanks to their high-efficiency HVAC. That excess energy is exchanged for credits. At times when the solar panels underproduce (like nighttime), Net Energy Metering (NEM) allows Keymark to pull energy from the grid and use those earned credits to offset the cost of that energy use. Keymark makes more energy than it uses! So could you with the proper guidance.

As you begin planning your new facility, office building or home consider water use, energy use, material selection, indoor environmental quality, and the building’s effect on its surrounding natural environment. Let Keymark help you create a space that is healthier, less stressful for the planet, and (in the long run) has decreased utility costs.