Guest Blog: Kim LaGrange with Prime Talent Insights

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome guest blogger, Kim LaGrange with Prime Talent Insights. 

In these uncertain, unsettling, and sometimes frightening past few months, all of us are probably feeling at least a little bit exhausted. One silver lining for many of us has come from the slower pace we’ve experienced, giving us extra time to reflect and take stock of what really matters, in our families, in our circle of friends, and in our organizations.

KimAs a longtime member of the Wabash Valley business community, I’ve had opportunities to engage with many organizations in the area. Between my experiences as a human resources director, an instructor at ISU, a talent development consultant to dozens of organizations – large and small, a supporter of the start-up/entrepreneur community, and an adviser to my family’s logistics business, I’ve learned from and with many great leaders. The number one lesson I’ve learned over the years is that organizations rise and fall on leadership.

To quote management expert leadership Peter Drucker, only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance. Everything else takes leadership. The leader’s influence shows up in so many ways – charting the course for the organization, correcting that course when the necessary, and, equally importantly, finding, developing and retaining the right talent.

Leadership matters, today more than ever. Never has it been more important for a leader to be resilient, to be able to grow and to drive their organization’s growth, even in times of adversity. Within today’s challenges we can find opportunities. Seizing the possibilities and creating a great tomorrow is exciting and important work!

I believe in the power of leaders to ignite transformational change, and my mission is to give them the tools to do so. In my work, I provide one-to-one coaching for leaders who want to grow their influence, and I work with groups of new or emerging leaders to prepare them to shape their organization’s future and the future of the people they lead. In these turbulent times, I also bring established leaders together to explore fresh approaches to today’s challenges, and to share ideas and diverse perspectives.

My goal is to work alongside my clients through their challenges, asking the right questions and developing solutions to propel their leadership and their organizations to many great tomorrows.


To learn more about Kim and Prime Talent Insights, visit her website.