The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome new member Complete Landlord Solutions.

The Terre Haute business will host an open house on January 21, 3-5pm at their newly reconstructed location at 1400 Wabash Ave.

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Dear Invited Guests:
It is our honor to request your presence at the Grand Opening Celebration and Open House of our recently renovated historic building, located in the heart of downtown Terre Haute. 
To provide a bit of history about our business, Complete Landlord Solutions (CLS) was founded by two professionals who enjoy investing in real estate and have developed a passion for success in doing so. Starting from a mere pen and paper, we established a business plan for a one-stop solution to a client’s property needs. Not only did it become the solution to landlord needs, but also a business in which various real estate investors could collaborate in reaching a common goal: success. By working together, CLS and our partnering investor, Aaron Miles, are proud to be part of the ongoing downtown revitalization. Thanks to our combined efforts, we believe this project will shed new light and foster a higher quality living experience to the downtown Terre Haute area.
Please join us as we celebrate a new chapter in our book, as well as another volume in the efforts of our community by taking Terre Haute, “A Level Above”.
Jared W. Coley
James P. Stone
Vice President