Western Indiana Workforce Development Board Secures Millions In CARES Act Funding to Advance Rapid Recovery Workforce Retraining

Western Indiana Workforce Development Board Secure 1.92 Million In CARES Act Grant Funding to Advance Rapid Recovery Workforce Retraining Effort

Terre Haute, Ind. – The Governor’s Workforce Cabinet (GWC) announced temporary expansion plans for the State of Indiana’s Next Level Jobs program in a press release earlier today. The Indiana Department of Workforce Development and the Commission for Higher Education will administer $37 million dollars in Rapid Recovery for a Better Future initiative funding to expand the two programs that make up Next Level Jobs; Workforce Ready Grant (WRG) and Employer
Training Grant (ETG), which will increase eligibility program offerings and funding caps through December 30, 2020. The Western Indiana Workforce Development Board (WIWDB), which serves Economic Growth Region 7, has been allocated 1.92 million to advance regional workforce retraining within high-growth, high wage occupations through the training fund programs.

Funding Available Via Employer Training Grants & Workforce Ready Grants Employers may apply for up to $100,000, capped at up to $5,000 per employee, via the
Employer Training Grant (ETG) –this is an increase from the previous cap of $50,000 per employer. Individual learners may apply for up to $10,000 in scholarship resources available via the Workforce Training Grant (WTG) – this is an increase from the previous cap of $4,500. Eligible training programs are highlighted on the Next Level Jobs website resource page. Eligibility for funding of both programs is being focused on the following sectors: Advanced Manufacturing, Health and Life Sciences, IT and Business, Building and Construction, and Transportation and Logistics. Interested employers may contact Mike Smith, Western Indiana Workforce Development Board Business Services Manager at msmith@workforcenet.org or by calling (812) 238-5616, extension 4. Individuals interested in learning more about Workforce Training Grants should call their local WorkOne office. For the contact information of WorkOne West offices in Brazil, Rockville, Greencastle, Sullivan, Clinton and Terre Haute, go to www.workonewest.com .

“The expanded training and funding opportunities available to both businesses and individuals through Indiana’s Rapid Recovery Next Level Jobs program are
outstanding,” said Lisa Lee, Executive Director of the Western Indiana Workforce Development Board. “The intention of the program is to meet employers and individuals where they are, while also keeping an eye towards the future.” The Board will serve as the grant administer, manage education and training partnerships, and will facilitate businesses through the Employer Training Grant process, which is a user-friendly. The Board will partner with Economic Growth Region 7 lead economic development organizations (LEDOs) through the Accelerate West Central Indiana Economic Development Corporation on employer planning and outreach.

About The Western Indiana Workforce Development Board, Inc. develops regional strategic plans and sets funding priorities for the region. The Board is certified by the Governor and is the recipient and administrator of both federal and state employment and training dollars, along with many additional public and private funds aimed at building the workforce of Western Indiana. Among its many functions, the Western Indiana Workforce Development Board facilitates partnerships between local businesses with similar training needs.

About The Governor’s Workforce Cabinet (GWC) was formed in 2018 with the mission of addressing current and future education and employment needs for
individuals and employers, strengthening Indiana’s economy by integrating and aligning state and federal resources to ensure a talent-driven education and workforce system. The membership of the GWC includes the business community, K-12 representatives, postsecondary institutions, Indiana lawmakers, and leaders from Indiana state agencies.

About The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) serves the workers and the employers of Indiana to ensure workplace success. DWD is committed
to innovating and invigorating Indiana’s economic future by providing WorkOne Career Centers, Unemployment Insurance, Labor Market Information, Workforce Strategies, and Professional Training. Through these services, DWD is able to develop a premier workforce that enables Indiana employers to flourish and entice business attraction.