Wellness For Life Nominated for 2018 Health Value Awards - THCOC
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Wellness For Life Nominated for 2018 Health Value Awards

Wellness For Life Nominated for 2018 Health Value Awards

World CongressThe Health Rosetta Institute and The Validation Institute announce finalists by category in The 2018 Health Value Awards (HVA).

The Wabash Valley will recognize one familiar company, Wellness For Life.

More than 350 health care organizations and employers were nominated in 13 categories. In honorary categories – Outstanding Benefits Professional (Purchaser), Outstanding Benefits Broker or Consultant Leadership, Lifetime Achievement Benefits Professional (Purchaser) and Public Leadership – candidates may be nominated without submitting applications. Finalists in validated categories – Third Party Administrators, Direct Care Providers and Product/Program Providers – must have their performance calculation methodologies validated by the Validation Institute to be eligible for an award. Once validated, each finalist application will be independently reviewed by our panel of nationally prominent judges, which may determine that not every finalist merits an award. The goal is to shine a bright light on health care organizations that consistently deliver significant value, relative to their peers, within health care niches and that promote essential price and outcomes transparency.

HVA participants are evaluated along two or three dimensions. In validated categories, each participant is required to satisfy the objective performance calculation validation requirement. Then a series of questions gauges the participant’s market viability. Finally, each participant is subjectively evaluated on the relative impact it can have in health care, as well as on the elegance or innovativeness of the solution.

Direct Care Providers

  • Aravind Eye Hospitals
  • Bonati Spine Institute
  • Health City Cayman Islands
  • Integrated Musculoskeletal Care
  • Redirect Health
  • Wellness-for-Life
  • Vera Whole Health

About World Health Care Congress

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About The Health Rosetta Institute

The Health Rosetta accelerates adoption of simple, practical, non-partisan fixes to our health care system. We help public & private employers and unions provide better care for 157 million Americans while reducing health benefits spending by 20-40%.

About The Validation Institute

By adhering to principles of objectivity and stringent validation processes, The Validation Institute provides healthcare industry consumers with sound and valid information, allowing them to evaluate companies with confidence.

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