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State Level Policy Change Makes Vigo County Food & Beverage Tax Local Decision

From the Indiana Statehouse – May 14, 2018…

The Vigo County Commissioners dedicated this legislative session to working closely with local state legislators on the Vigo County Food and Beverage Tax bill. This bill, which officially passed the legislature today during special session, allows the Vigo County Council the opportunity to adopt a one percent food and beverage tax that would be used to build a convention center in downtown Terre Haute. The bill will now move to the Governor’s desk.

“On behalf of the County Commissioners, I want to thank our local legislators, Representatives Alan Morrison, Bob Heaton, and Clyde Kersey,” states Commissioner Judith Anderson, President of the Board of Commissioners of Vigo County. “However, a special gratitude is given to Senator Jon Ford for his ability to maneuver policy and for gaining confidence from leadership in both the House and Senate. This was a win for Vigo County.”

With the proximity of the Illinois border, four higher education institutions, a diverse economic industry base, and a large retail and restaurant community, Vigo County serves as a tourist destination for surroundings areas. This language will allow the County to capitalize on those assets and grow as a tourism-based region through the construction of a convention center.

The food and beverage tax is estimated to generate 1.2 to 2.1 million dollars in revenue according to an independent report, which would allow for the construction and operating costs of the convention center. These funds would be distributed to the Capital Improvement Board (CIB).

“I would like to thank my colleagues, especially Senator Travis Holdman, for his leadership and willingness to partner with me to move Vigo County forward.  I believe this is a turning point for our community, and I couldn’t have gotten this done without individuals like Travis,” states Senator Jon Ford.

Now that the ability to make the food and beverage tax a local decision has been successfully acquired, members of the CIB will be tasked with educating the public and providing awareness of the food and beverage tax and the convention center project. The CIB will meet to unfold parts of the project during this time of growth for Terre Haute.

“Although this is great news for the convention center, this new income allows us to create a larger vision around tourism-based economic growth,” states Mayor Duke Bennett. “The language, if passed at the local level, allows us to dream beyond a convention center, incorporating other projects that improve the quality of life for Vigo County residents and bring people to our community where they will support our local businesses.”

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