‘See You In Terre Haute’ Community Plan Co-Chairs Present Update on Progress

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‘See You In Terre Haute’ Community Plan Co-Chairs Present Update on Progress

Terre Haute, Ind. – Marking one year since announcing the “See You in Terre Haute 2025 Community Plan” the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and Community Plan co-chairs are releasing information on the plan’s accomplishments, progress and future goals. 

“It’s been a much different year than expected, that’s for sure, but the positive is that work for the Community Plan and Terre Haute has continued despite all the roads blocks,” says Terre Haute Mayor and Community Plan Co-Chair Duke Bennett. “We’re encouraged and feel good about the work that’s been accomplished and look forward to forging ahead. I am extremely excited about the future of our community.”

Adds Community Plan Co-Chair, Union Health CEO Steve Holman, “Twelve months ago, our team of community leaders came together to create a renewed community vision titled, ‘See you in Terre Haute 2025 Community Plan.’ This vision, or community plan, identifies six important pillars as our area of focus. Today, we celebrate early accomplishments in several key areas and continue our progress for a brighter future tomorrow.”

The original announcement was held on August 19, 2019. In just a year’s time, the plan and its organizers have made exponential growth, including the hiring of local businesswoman Marla Flowers to lead the progress along with co-chairs, Mayor Duke Bennett and Union Health CEO Steve Holman. 

As announced in 2019, the See You in Terre Haute Community Plan consists of six pillars; Economic Development, Quality of Life, Talent Attraction, Health & Wellness and Infrastructure. In addition, there are two supporting task forces, Community Development and Resource Development. Each pillar is represented by two co-chairs made up of community and business leaders. 

“When I started in March, who knew that a worldwide pandemic would disrupt everything we do, from personal perspectives to every business in our community, good and bad,” asked Chamber of Commerce Director of Community Engagement Marla Flowers. “Even through this toughest of challenges, I am pleased to report that the Task Force co-chairs continued their hard work, albeit from home, and some of the priority action items have actually been accomplished. Others remain committed to pursuing and fulfilling their goals under the guidance of the detailed 2025 See You in Terre Haute Community Plan. You know the old saying, this is not a sprint…it’s a marathon and we’re only one year into the race.”

Flowers acknowledged that under Economic Development, the merger of Launch Terre Haute and the Chamber was completed in June 2020. The combined organizations will develop a stronger business hub and resources to advance the West Central Indiana business community and economy. 

Just a month later in July 2020, the Talent Attraction pillar co-chairs recorded success as West Central Indiana was awarded the 21st Century Talent Designation by the Office of Career Connections and Talent, with support from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and technical assistance from CivicLab. The initiative was created to encourage local governments, businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, and economic and workforce development partners to create and implement plans to increase educational attainment, raise household income and grow the population in a region. 

In way of Tourism, plans are underway for beautification projects at the I-70 exchanges. And within Quality of Life, a new comprehensive “Community Asset Guide” is being created and locally designed. The guide would highlight strengths and attractions for those looking to relocate to the area. 

The Quality of Life Task Force also just notified a proposal for a “Reimagined Riverfront Development” within and around Fairbanks Park was chosen as one of the senior projects at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Continuing work is taking place in each of the six pillars and will be shared in coming months. 

In addition, each pillar has created a public dashboard that will provide constant updates on the progress of each action item and key metrics that are being tracked. For more information on the community plan, visit terrehautechamber.com/seeyouinterrehaute.