RJL Solutions honored as For-Profit Employer of the Year at Indiana INTERNnet Impact Awards  

RJL Solutions honored as For-Profit Employer of the Year at Indiana INTERNnet Impact Awards  

During the 15th Annual Indiana INTERNnet Impact Awards, RJL Solutions, alongside notable Indiana companies, was recognized as Indiana INTERNnet’s for-profit employer of the year. The Impact Awards, presented by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, celebrates internship excellence within the state, understanding experiential learning is a key strategy for retaining Indiana’s top talent.

“I had the privilege of being RJL’s first intern and now I have the opportunity to work one-on-one with each of our interns as head of the program. Leadership is an integral value at RJL Solutions. Our internship program is designed to support industry related studies, but most importantly, it’s designed to create emerging leaders who are well equipped to take on the workforce,” states Anna Madden, Director of Strategic Communications.

RJL Solutions founded its internship program in 2018 because its headquarters was strategically located in Terre Haute, a city consisting of four higher education institutions. Wanting to capitalize on what schools were offering within their curriculum, the company hoped to provide additional value to the students, the institutions and the community as a whole. Today, the company has expanded its services to a downtown Indianapolis-based office where it serves clients from across the state and beyond.

“I believe to better our communities, our state and our nation, we must work together to mentor and offer opportunities to our emerging leaders,” states Rachel Leslie, CEO. “From our first intern, Anna Madden, and beyond, we’ve seen them already make significant, positive impacts in society. Those impacts will make lasting impressions that we’ll be witnessing for some time. I’m thankful to the Indiana Chamber, the Indiana INTERNnet program, their staff and volunteers, and those who were nominated alongside us, for believing in a shared mission.”

Interns at RJL participate in weekly professional development workshops, engage with and are mentored by RJL team members and present a final project presentation at the end of their tenure. Overall, interns are each given real-world and high-level projects to work on, generating an added sense of professionalism, responsibility and trust.

“Our program would not be successful without the institutions who provide the best students, and of course, our interns who continuously bring a unique spark, perspectives and personality to our team each and every semester,” states Madden. “Thank you, Indiana INTERNnet, for recognizing RJL Solutions and our interns.”

RJL Solutions is looking forward to continuing its internship program throughout the state and expand its reach for Hoosier students. To learn more about our internship program, visit www.rjlsolutions.com/internships.html.