New Member Welcome: Terre Haute CPR

Frontier Communications welcomes each Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce new member.


Sue Anderson wants you to take her class.

But she hopes you never have to use what you learned.

Sue and her son Scott are the owners and instructors of Terre Haute CPR.

“We always end every class by saying, we hope that you don’t have to use this training but you now have the skills to provide good care,” Sue says of her courses.

Terre Haute CPR has been training and educating people of the Wabash Valley for three years. A registered nurse, Sue started teaching CPR courses years ago in addition to her traditional nursing job. Popularity for her class grew and so did the idea to launch the family business. Paired with her son Scott, who works in Bloomington as a paramedic, the mother and son say they have found their calling.

“Together we are Terre Haute CPR and we are a business and very happy doing that,” Sue says with a smile.

The Anderson’s business offers private lessons, on location training, group classes and more.

“We provide first aid, CPR, AED and ACLS,” Sue says. “We provide classes for any medical personnel; nurses, doctors and we do a lot with teachers because they need to have CPR training to get their license.”

Their facility, located at 1507 S 3rd Street, holds three classes a week; Tuesday at 12pm and 6pm and Thursday at 6pm. Pricing is competitive at $40 and group rates and discounts are also available.

Despite the important subject matter, Sue and Scott say the hour long course is easy to follow, informative and fun. The course is structured to give people the vital information they need in a relaxed environment.

“We think everybody has an idea of how CPR is done,” Scott explains. “But when you come and take the class you get the correct training and it becomes almost muscle memory and then if you are in an emergency situation hopefully some of that will trigger and you will be able to save a life.”

After teaching hundreds of classes over the years Sue and Scott say they have numerous repeat clients who return to renew their CPR training year after year. They also hear countless stories of how the training has paid off and their students have jumped into action.

“It feels really good that we may have had a small part of saving someone’s life,” Sue says. “We feel like every professional nurse and doctor needs CPR its required but we also like to open it up to the community as well; parents, grandparents, babysitters, aunts, uncle, whoever is with children especially they need to know what to do.”

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Ribbon Cutting ceremony for Terre Haute CPR on Thursday, May 14 at 1:30pm. The public and business community is invited to attend.