New Member Welcome: Modern Charm

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Walking into downtown Terre Haute boutique Modern Charm can be a difficult task.

Once inside, customers may not know which way to turn; everything in the store is bright, eye catching and interesting.

“It’s my personality too, to be honest,” says store owner Yvette Morgan with a laugh. “I love bright colors… I am all about the visuals, so when someone walks into the store I kind of want it to be overload. I want you to be able to walk the store and find something unique and different and something that you haven’t seen before and I am constantly changing the store around so that it doesn’t ever get boring.”

“Boring” would never be a word used to describe Morgan or her shop. More like upbeat, friendly, beautiful and rare. A former visual brand manager for The Gap, Morgan has taken her corporate training and put that knowledge into her shop.

With around 50 vendors featured in the space, each piece is handmade and one of a kind; purses, necklaces, pillows, home décor, kid’s items and more. The store also carries clothing and shoes.

Opened in 2007, the store originally was located on the second floor above Crossroads Café and The Corner Grind. When a spot opened up along 7th Street Morgan jumped at the chance to feature her unique items in a proper storefront just past the Crossroads of America at 7th Street and Wabash Avenue.

Now with increased visibility the shop is getting even more praise for its original offerings.

“I get it all the time,” Morgan says. “I get people from the hotel that will walk over… I just recently had people in from Chicago and they said, ‘If only we had this in Chicago’ and that makes me feel good; someone gets me and gets what I am trying to do here. If someone is trying to find a gift that maybe they can’t find at the mall that is mass produced, I just like the whole gifting idea and that they find something really special for someone that they are gift to.”

Not only can customers shop the crafts, but also make some of their own. Morgan hosts “Charm School” during the summer months for local kids to express their artistic side.

“I have always loved art, as a child, my dad was an artist so I just had the basement here at the shop that was available and after a couple of years being downtown I just knew that I could teach classes and offer that to kids here in the Wabash Valley,” she says. “I opened (Charm School) up for a month and a half and I just started getting business that way and it was new customer that had never been in my store before so it just opened it up a little more to the community.”

Morgan will offer Charm School again this summer beginning June 22 and plans to expand to classes for women and adults. Morgan also hosts the popular “Wine and Canvas” evenings. To enroll in Charm School or to book a “Wine and Canvas” visit the Modern Charm web site or contact Yvette at (812) 870-4652.

Modern Charm, along with other local vendors, will host Mack’s New Market at The Red Barn September 18-19, 2015.

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