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Some people always know what they want to do when they “grow up.”

Lori Mitchell is one of those people.

Taking a dream she had as a teen, Mitchell turned it into a reality by opening the downtown Terre Haute boutique, Millie & Maude.

“I have always wanted to own my own boutique, since high school probably,” Mitchell says.

Mitchell began her dream in high school, and then chased it by studying Fashion Merchandising at Indiana State University and started her career managing local retail stores. Not exactly doing what she had set her mind to as a high school student; Mitchell began working as the manager of downtown store Cocoa, eventually taking over and purchasing the store from the then owner.

In June 2013 Mitchell re-launched Cocoa as Millie & Maude.

Inside shoppers can find everything from high end fashion to affordable finds. Jeans, dresses, scarves, tops, earrings, necklaces and more.

The store is described as a women’s clothing and accessories boutique, but Mitchell says shoppers shouldn’t let the word “boutique” discourage them from stopping in.

“Instantly when they hear the word boutique they think it is little clothes; that they can’t wear anything in a boutique or that it is really expensive,” she explains. “But I say, ‘We will find you something. There is something that you can wear in there.’ I try to find up to extra-large at least or size 14/16 and sometimes 3X depending on what I can find, so I do try to carry all sizes because women’s sizes can be fashionable too and it’s hard to find fashionable things in women’s sizes. I don’t want those ladies to feel like they have to go to Indianapolis to find something too.”

And when a customer finds the exact perfect item or gift they were looking for is when Mitchell is the most happy.

“I have always loved working retail for that reason,” she says. “I think it is really rewarding.”

But it’s not the only reason. The bubbly blonde has never met a stranger, making each customer feel like a friend inside the store.

“I really like talking to people, I’m kind of a talker,” she says with a laugh. “I like making that connection with customers and finding out what their needs and wants are and once they find something and feel good and feel happy about their purchase that just makes me happy.”

Millie & Maude, along with other local vendors, will be part of Mack’s New Market at The Red Barn September 18-19, 2015.

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Millie & Maude

11 South 7th Street

Terre Haute, IN 47807

Contact: 812-239-8864 or

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Tuesday: 11am-5:30pm

Wednesday: 11am -5:30pm

Thursday: 11am – 7pm

Friday: 11am – 5pm

Saturday: 10am – 2pm

Sunday and Monday: Closed

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