New Member Welcome: Ferm Fresh

New Member Welcome: Ferm Fresh
The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome new member, Ferm Fresh! 
Learn more about this family-owned small business, located in the heart of 12 Points. 
**Join us for the Ferm Fresh Ribbon Cutting on Friday, July 23 at 10am.**
Congratulations on your business and location in 12 Points! Tell us more about Ferm Fresh!
Megan Gossett (co-owner): Ferm Fresh is a business that is centered around health, wellness, and fermentation! We got our start because I had terrible stomach issues about eight years ago. I went to multiple doctors and had multiple tests done and the result was being a guinea pig for new medicine every few weeks. All of which didn’t help me. I found kombucha while at a store and decided to give it a try. I felt so much better and my debilitating stomach issues subsided. Anthony and I started to brew our own at home, and in 2019 decided to branch out and sell at the farmers market as a summer hobby. We took 12 bottles (1 GAL) the first week of the summer market and now summer 2021 we are brewing 80 GAL and bottling 500 plus bottles every 10-15 days.
We went from selling at the farmers market to wholesaling at eight locations around Terre Haute. We then took the leap to open our fermentation bar in 12 Points on June 27, 2021. We produce and distribute to wholesalers Monday-Wednesday and open the Ferm bar Thursday and Friday 11-9pm and Saturday 4-9pm. We have kombucha on tap, probiotic smoothies, shrubs (A sparkling probiotic tonic) and charcuterie boards.
What makes you passionate about your business?
I am passionate about this business because I have been personally changed by the product. My husband and I decided to take this full time within the last year. He was working a job that required him to travel constantly and work 70-80 hours a week. This wasn’t conducive for our family. Our daughter Parker has been a major factor in how we want to move forward with our business. She had cancer in 2013 and our world was turned upside down. She went through a lot and we grew closer than ever. We are happy to say this year she will celebrate eight years cancer free. After that journey into the unknown we realized that tomorrow isn’t promised and we need to follow our dreams. We wanted to be together as a family, doing something we love, and even more, bring something different to Terre Haute!
How do people learn more – or visit your business?
The best way to contact us is via email ( or social media instagram or facebook @fermfresh
Ferm Fresh Fermentation Bar
2170 N 13Th St. suite 101
Terre Haute, IN 47804