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New Member Welcome: Do Good Development Consulting, LLC

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome Do Good Development Consulting, LLC! Learn more about Ashlee M. Salinetro, CEO/Principal Consultant and her business below. 

Welcome to the Chamber and congratulations on your new business! Tell us about Do Good Development Consulting. 

Do Good Development Consulting is a new consulting firm in the Wabash Valley focused on helping nonprofits and small businesses create and innovate. I believe in the power of planning and pride myself on my Strategic Planning
Workshops and Board Retreats.

My philosophy is that business doesn’t have to equal boring! The planning process can be fun, interactive, and rewarding. I bring a lot of energy when working with my clients and really work to understand their needs and desires. Not only do I help businesses with the initial planning process, I provide leaders with the support through organizational development strategies, including project implementation, change management, and workforce development strategies.

My services for nonprofits also include campaign development, fundraising planning, proposal writing, and grant evaluation services… all contributing to helping the organizations that I serve to grow!

One thing that I pride myself on through my business is that I am very personable, so I thought it would be nice to include a little bit about me to humanize my business a little more.
Although I am a business owner, my number one role is being a mom. I created my business not only from love of my community, but also from inspiration I gained through having my daughter. Children are truly the real life changing experience, and I know that I would not be where I am today without her.

What makes you excited or passionate about your business?

I founded the business on my passion to serve others. I have worked in the nonprofit field for over ten years in many capacities and after working as a Development Director for a while, I found my place in development and strategic
planning. I view myself as a world changer, but felt limited by working for one organization… what better way to reach more businesses than by starting my own consulting firm where I can help many achieve success!

To add a second layer to my passion, I have always been interested in the way people learn and obtain information. Through many years of my own research (because I am a nerd in that sense) I have discovered that over 75% of
individuals are visual learners. It made total sense to include this aspect in my business. Now I am offering workshops to teach individuals how to use visuals in their business planning and I love it!

What is one thing that sets your business apart from others?

Do Good takes the strategic planning process to a whole new level to help organizations innovate… by using the power of visuals! As I stated, 75% of individuals are visual learners, so it only made sense to include this in my
strategic planning process.

In my facilitation workshops/retreats, participants are taken on a journey that encourages them to use visuals throughout the entire process. The wonderful thing about this approach is that not only are individuals tapped into their left brain (analytical thinking), they are also challenged to use their right brain (creative thinking). Visuals allow us to truly innovate, by engaging the entirety of our brainpower into the planning process!

I use what I can Interactive Visual Facilitation… where I provide a facilitation experience that encourages participants to get up, out of their chairs, and moving around the room. Drawings, post-it notes, visual concepts, teamwork… are all a part of the experience!

Where can we find more information? 

There are several ways to reach out to me!

Phone: 812-870-3928

I am offering fellow Chamber members 50% off a Strategic Planning Workshop
or Board Retreat!

Also, keep an eye out for visual facilitation workshops to be offered in the
Wabash Valley via my Facebook page:
Or through my website:

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