New Member Spotlight: ADP - THCOC
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New Member Spotlight: ADP

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome Alan Crumly, Human Capital Management Consultant for ADP. Read below to learn more about ADP:


Congrats and welcome to the Chamber! Tell us more about ADP!

ADP has been offering Human Capital Management Solutions for nearly 70 years. We are often thought of as just a payroll vendor but we are the industry leader in true end to end solutions. We look to consult with businesses to align with their key business initiatives and provide award winning technology and resources that meet their current and future needs as it relates to:

–        Pay/Tax Compliance and Administration

–        Workforce Time and Labor Management

–        HR Compliance and Administration

–        Benefits Compliance and Administration

–        Talent Acquisition and Onboarding

–        Leader Development Learning and Succession Planning

–        Compensation and Rewards

–        Talent Activation Performance & Engagement


What makes you excited or passionate about your business and what you do? 

The biggest challenges businesses face today, regardless of industry, is closing the gap between technological innovation and business productivity. We take great pride in partnering with local businesses to close that gap and provide ongoing support for the unique things that matter to them.


How can other members connect with you?

Alan Crumly works with organizations with 150 employees or more


Dan Clark partners with companies under 150 employees


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