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Mental Health America of West Central Indiana Response to Pandemic

Mental Health America of West Central Indiana Response to Pandemic

Mental Health America of West Central Indiana has devised a plan in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). In effort to keep social contact to a minimum,
MHAWCI’s main office will be closed to all visitors with the exception of business delivery such as USPS and Fedex until April 13 . Tenants at YOUinty House, YOUnity Village, and Liberty
Village have been advised to stay home to prevent the chance of contamination and/or spread.

Furthermore, all social activities and gatherings at every apartment complex have been cancelled or postponed. The staff at MHAWCI is currently still working at the main office, but
future events, meetings, and alliance gatherings are postponed or cancelled through April 13. This includes the Tiny Home Ground-Breaking Ceremony on March 31 at 2:00pm. Our agency
will reschedule the ground breaking ceremony, at to be determined date. As of right now, the 5th Annual Memorial Bataan Death March is still on, but if it has to be cancelled, communication
with be send out immediately.

A statement from MHAWCI’s Chief Executive Officer, Myra Wilkey:
“The agency’s primary focus is on children and vulnerable adults. We are setting these precautionary measures in place to protect the health and wellbeing of the people we serve as
well as our most valuable assets, our employees.”

Individuals who are beginning to experience “forced” isolation should:

  • Use your smart phone to stay connected to family and friends. Shift from texting to voice or
    video calling to feel more connected.
  • Keep comfortable. Do the things you already enjoy doing at home; just do more of them.
  • Practice stress relief whenever you feel anxiety building – do some deep breathing, exercise,
    read, dig in the garden, eat some ice cream – whatever works for you.
  • Don’t do anything you’d consider to be unhealthy for you, such as excess drinking – that will
    just increase your anxiety afterwards.
  • Keep looking forward. Make some plans for six months down the road.

For additional information, visit: ,
2019, or
For anxiety related to the virus