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Member Spotlight: Nancy’s Downtown Mall

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce would like to spotlight local business, Nancy’s Downtown Mall. Special thanks to owners Glenn and Mindy Houser, who have owned the business since January 2015 and offer retail therapy, unique shopping and a one-of-a-kind business that you can only find at 901 Poplar Street!


Nancy’s Downtown Mall
901 Poplar St, Terre Haute, IN

The current owners are Glenn and Mindy Houser and they are lifelong residents of Terre Haute and purchased Nancy’s Downtown Mall in January of 2015 from the original owner. Mindy has been in the “resale business” for most of her life and had been a dealer at Nancy’s for over 20 Years. Glenn was in the automotive business since graduating High School, starting out as a Mechanical Technician and moved into Service Management then stayed with the same dealership for 40 years. Glenn says this has been quite a change for him but he is truly enjoying his new venture.

Mindy has the gift of a creative mind and her passion is providing the store with unusual ideas while making an enjoyable experience for our customers. They both love being able to provide an experience to the Wabash Valley that is unique. With 22,000sq ft full of items that are sure to bring a smile to most everyone!

The actual store has been in business over 35 years and stated as one of the first of its kind. Having the idea of multiple dealers in one large store brings a large variety of ideas, products, and personalities all under one roof.

They love the fact that so many customers will stop and take the time to give compliments about the atmosphere and the “feel of the store”. The dealers are encouraged to put their own personality on their booths and products and have done a fabulous job. They want the customers along with the dealers to have fun every time they are in the store. Mindy and Glenn feel they are very fortunate for the dealers who make up their team. Laughter and smiles are their greatest goals and achievements.

Now they are asking for help from their customers and friends! Since owning the store for over 3 years they feel it is time to have a new and fresh idea…Help us find a new name! They will soon be announcing a contest so that the customers can be a part of renaming the store. They will offer a prize to the winning name plus that person will have the bragging rights. 

Be sure watch for all of the exciting details!

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