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Member News: Capital Improvement Board Reorganizes 

Capital Improvement Board Reorganizes 

On October 2, the Vigo County Commissioners voted to adopt an ordinance establishing a new Capital Improvement Board (CIB). The new ordinance reorganizes the Capital Improvement Board with four Vigo County appointments: one to include a Terre Haute Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) appointee; and three city appointments. The appointments will be made by Vigo County Commissioners, Mayor of Terre Haute, and Convention and Visitor’s Bureau board of directors.

As previously reported by the Tribune-Star, “The Board of Managers replaces the board as it was formulated in a 2016 ordinance that included Indiana State University. At the time, the county, city, university and others planned to together pursue a renovation of Hulman Center connected to a new downtown convention center. ISU, however, in August 2017 withdrew from the convention center project.”

Today, the CIB announced reorganization as follows: The Commissioners appointed Commissioner Judy Anderson, Commissioner Brad Anderson, and local businesswoman Barbara (Boo) Lloyd. The Mayor appointed Mayor Duke Bennett, Terre Haute Economic Development Corporation (THEDC) Executive Director Steve Witt, and County Commissioner Jon Marvel. The Terre Haute CVB board of directors appointed the President of the CVB Gregory (Greg) Gibson.

“Our new appointee is extremely intentional,” states Judy Anderson. “Lloyd is often described as the mother of downtown Terre Haute. Anyone that knows her knows she wants what is best for the downtown community and all of Vigo County. She strives to give back in everything she does, including her most known event, Miracle on 7thStreet. She has a sensible business mindset that will help us moving forward as we look at ways to attract new business in our community due to the convention center.”

Lloyd owns The Corner Grind and Crossroads Café located at the corner of 7thand Wabash in Terre Haute.

“I take pride in serving the Crossroads of America,” states Lloyd. “I’ve seen Terre Haute transform over the past few years, especially right in front of me. I love downtown, I love Vigo County, and I love meeting new people. When I learned the convention center project had hope to move forward, I knew I wanted to be a part of making it a reality. We will be better because of the new people we will serve and the new relationships we will form. We will be better because more money will be spent in our community. I’m humbled to be a part of the story.”

Commissioner Judy Anderson further explained that Commissioner Brad Anderson was also a logical choice to appoint to the board, given his leadership position with the county and his dedication to the project.

Mayor Duke Bennett appointed Commissioner Jon Marvel with the intention of keeping Marvel active on the board after his time in office.

“Recognizing the county would need to appoint a new member at the end of Commissioner Marvel’s time in office, I wanted to give him an opportunity to finish a project he began years ago,” states Mayor Duke Bennett. “I believe office holders share an affiliation of respect for one another, often in spite of party lines. Some days are shared in celebration, and some are spent battling what is right in front of us. Either way, we have an opportunity to lift one another up at times, and I would like to take this as one of those opportunities. I want to give Jon a chance to finish what he started.”

The CIB will continue to meet the third Wednesday of the month at 9 a.m., at the Vigo County Council Chambers.

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