Manufacturing Month: Spotlight on Novelis

Manufacturing Month: Spotlight on Novelis

October is national Manufacturing Month. The Chamber of Commerce Manufacturing Council, along with Chamber member, Red Wing Shoes, are highlighting local manufacturing companies in West Central Indiana. All this month we’ll be featuring a closer look at our members. Special thank you to the local Red Wing Shoes for partnering with the Chamber, and providing extra perks to employees of these companies. 



October is “Manufacturing Month” – Tell us a little more about Novelis

Novelis Terre Haute has been a proud economic engine of the Wabash Valley for more than 60 years. Our aluminum manufacturing plant features a cold rolling mill that produces aluminum for semi-rigid foil containers like Steam Tables, Turkey Roasters and Pie Pans. We have 150 employees working every day to serve our customers. We are leaders in safety and sustainability. For example, we were the first in our industry to offer a product called Evercycle that is made of 100% recycled material.

 What makes your employees and staff excited or passionate about your business and industry?

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. Every time a consumer makes the decision to recycle an aluminum can or foil container, they are making our world more sustainable and sustaining companies like Novelis, which is the world’s largest recycler. We are excited about the endless opportunities that aluminum provides to consumers. We are also excited about our innovative team here in Terre Haute. With a manufacturing facility that has operated for more than 60 years, our employees challenge each other every day to push the limits on what’s possible, introducing new processes and ideas for safer, more efficient operations.

Manufacturing is a huge industry, and very large in West Central Indiana. What have been your struggles related to COVID-19?

Above all else, we are committed to getting everyone home safe.  That was true before COVID-19 and remains true now. We moved quickly to implement precautionary measures designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and continue to evolve our approach as we learn more about the virus.

Is your company hiring? What types of people are you looking to hire? How do people get more information if they’re interested in a career with your company?

Our company is looking for people with the ability to operate highly technical production equipment or mechanical/electrical skills to repair equipment.  Prior manufacturing experience is preferred with the ability to work in team environment. Candidates must have good communication, interpersonal and computer skills, ability to accurately use measurement instruments and good problem solving skills.  Those interested can apply at [].

Careers are posted on Due to upcoming retirements, we plan to hire in production as well as craft electricians and mechanics.