Manufacturing Month: Spotlight on AGI Yargus

Manufacturing Month: Spotlight on AGI Yargus

October is national Manufacturing Month. The Chamber of Commerce Manufacturing Council, along with Chamber member, Red Wing Shoes, are highlighting local manufacturing companies in West Central Indiana. All this month we’ll be featuring a closer look at our members. Special thank you to the local Red Wing Shoes for partnering with the Chamber, and providing extra perks to employees of these companies. 


October is “Manufacturing Month” – Tell us more about AGI Yargus.

Yargus Manufacturing Inc. is  located in Marshall, IL. Until 2017, Yargus was a family owned business founded in 1958. We have since been acquired by Ag Growth International, a globally traded food infrastructure out of Winnipeg, Canada who engineers and manufactures seed, fertilizer, grain, feed and food. Yargus is one of two divisions who manufactures material handling equipment for dry fertilizer.

What makes employees and staff excited about the business and industry?

At Yargus Manufacturing we understand the value of our work. We help feed the world. This drives a strong commitment from our team to deliver best in-class products.  We understand that a strong team of highly skilled, engaged and empowered  team members is key to our success. We reinvestment in our employees  through  annual CWB recertifications, Lean and Continuous Improvement certifications, and being transparent with the results in Safety, Quality Delivery and Cost. All of which is done  to include them in the decision making processes  to improve our business.    This ultimately builds good morale, strong team/ family environment, with everyone sharing a common goal, to be “ The First Place” our Customers, Community, Corporation and Employees think of in terms of Safety, Quality Delivery, Cost and Morale.

Manufacturing is a huge industry, and very large in West Central Indiana. What have been your struggles related to COVID-19? 

Yargus Manufacturing has faced many challenges due to COVID-19, beyond what everyone struggled with such as masks, social distancing, temperature checks, some of our biggest struggles were, maintaining the team/ family environment. We prided ourselves on communication and sharing information. While we were still able to continue through Microsoft Teams and virtual meetings with office personnel it was particularly difficult with our manufacturing team.  We went through great lengths to find new ways to  share information with our team.  Holding small group meetings, changing newsletter content, doing trainings individually or in groups of 2 or 3 and maintaining  the personal connections has been trying however, our team’s resolve and commitment to our values  demonstrates we will overcome the COVID -19  obstacle, just like the others faced before it.

Is your company hiring? What types of people are you looking to hire? How do people get more information if they’re interested in a career with your company?

Yargus Manufacturing has several career opportunities. We are currently hiring for Mechanical engineers, Automation Service/Install Technicians, and skilled welders. We are looking to hire applicants who are driven, ambitious and motivated to strive for continuous improvement. Applicants can apply on or contact our Human Resources department to submit a resume.