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JOINK Announces Move, Hosting Holiday Open House

JOINK Announces Move, Hosting Holiday Open House

A familiar Terre Haute company is celebrating the holidays – and a new location – on Friday, December 14 at 2pm.

Joink has purchased and revamped a building at 834 S. 10th Street in Terre Haute. The 20,000 square foot facility, along with 50,000 square feet of warehouse space, combines the company’s former five employee based locations into one main facility and warehouse. The new venue also allows for all 80 Joink employees to work together; instead of spread out through multiple locations.

“Our culture is one that we want to work together and have a team spirit and we were finding that very difficult,” says Jackie McDonald, Vice President of Operations. “Yes, we are a technology firm and we could Skype and all of that but it’s difficult to do that over five places… this allows us to have company meetings and get together face to face.”

McDonald explains the first day at the new location was somewhat of a “first day of school” feel, as employees were introduced to each other, some of which had never physically worked together.

“Here as you walk through you’ll see people sitting in each other’s cubes and they are working together and they couldn’t before; they had to call or email and I think some of the ideas and collaborating is lost when you’re just emailing, so we see people getting up and walking to talk to each other – I mean, what a concept,” she says with a laugh.

The company, which has installed over 300 miles of fiber optic cable in the ground, will keep the Wabash Avenue location as a Data Center/non-customer property.

The move was made in October 2018 with help from the engineering firm, Three i Design. Local company Garmong Construction Services, including Matt Bowman, Lance Gassert and Jake Wagle served as the general contractors.

Joink, the Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Duke Bennett will celebrate the company’s new location with a ribbon cutting on Friday, December 14 at 2pm. Joink will also be celebrating the holiday season with an open house from 2 to 4pm.

The public is welcome.

The media is encouraged to attend and interviews with McDonald and Joink CEO Josh Zuerner will be available.

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