Hamilton Center Launches Plans for "We Live" Event - THCOC
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Hamilton Center Launches Plans for “We Live” Event

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome guest blogger Tatu Brown, Public Relations Specialist at Hamilton Center, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

Rose Park is owned by the City of Terre Haute. Those living in the area have a median household income of $19,819. Many of the children in the area come from broken homes. They do not get to experience life as we live it. Hamilton Center, Inc. is holding an event at Rose Park on August 25, 2018, to give the children and families in the area the opportunity to find resources to enrich their lives and enjoy food and entertainment donated by our supporters.

We are reaching out to our local partners and inviting them to be a part of the event, as well as sponsors for the event. We offer a variety of sponsorship levels, which you can view here: We Live Sponsor Info. We rely on our sponsors to keep this event join and successful.

The event will invite families and children in the area who are underprivileged and under deserved. We can to bring our community together to highlight the message “We Live”. Hamilton Center, Inc. wants the neighborhood of Rose Park to know that our community offers assistance to those in need and we want to make those resources readily available to them. We are inviting partners and vendors to provide information on the overall wellness of our youth in the community. Hamilton Center, Inc. will call attention to the importance of being abstinent from all forms of drugs and alcohol including tobacco. We will provide mentors from our local colleges and universities and use music as an outlet for students to express themselves. Overall, we want to bring the community together and allow them a chance to experience some activities that are not common in their daily lives.

If your organization would like to sponsor this event, please contact me directly at (812) 231-8107.

Thank you,

Tatu Brown

Tatu Brown
Public Relations Specialist
Hamilton Center, Inc.

Hamilton Center, Inc. is a regional behavioral health system in Central and West Central Indiana with corporate offices located in Terre Haute, IN. Services and treatments are provided to children, youth and adults, with specialized program for expectant mothers, infants and people with drug and alcohol problems. Counseling and therapy services are provided for people who may be struggling with stress, life changes or relationship issues, as well as more serious problems as depression, anxiety disorders and serious mental illnesses.

Hamilton Center has been building hope and changing lives, for thousands of adults, children, and families in the Wabash Valley and beyond for 47 years. Our offices are designed to be convenient, private and confidential, reducing the barriers sometimes associated with seeking psychological and mental health treatment. Hamilton Center employs over 500 staff in ten counties, including psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, therapists, counselors, case managers, etc.

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