Guest Blog: Great time for building in the Wabash Valley

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome guest blogger, Bill Hann, Jr., Wabash Valley Contractors Association, Board President. 

As the president of an organization created to promote union labor in the Wabash Valley, I’ve seen the landscape of the community evolve. No doubt, Terre Haute has suffered from lost jobs and stalled growth times. In fact, there were times when a union worker would have to drive a significant distance to a job to secure work. The Wabash Valley Contractors Association watches the economic trends and how what is happening at the national, state and local levels impacts our ability to keep good men and women working. Our mission is focused on supporting economic development and jobs growth that gives labor members and their families an opportunity to live a reputable quality of life in the Wabash Valley.

We’re at an interesting place in time worth noting. Recently, the Tribune-Star published a list of current and upcoming projects, setting a historical precedent for our time. As a reminder, some of those projects include the Terre Haute Convention Center, two new downtown parking garages, remodel of Hulman Center, potential casino, new police department, the build-out of Wabash Valley Resources (old energy plant), a new overpass and much more.

In order to take advantage of such an important place in time, the Wabash Valley Contractors Association wants people to know that the trades are alive and well, skilled and ready to serve this community. It is times like these when we have the opportunity to hone our skills, help families live better lives and develop the community in which over 10,000 of our members and their families call home.

If you’ve ever considered joining a trade, now is the time. History is unfolding in front of us.

Bill Hann, Jr.
Wabash Valley Contractors Association, Board President

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