Guest Blog: Colonoscopy Saves Lives. Time to get Colon Cancer Screening - THCOC
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Guest Blog: Colonoscopy Saves Lives. Time to get Colon Cancer Screening

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome this week’s guest blogger, Dr. Rajiv Sharma of Digestive Health Associates. Dr. Sharma is sharing his knowledge on colon cancer screenings and when is the time to call your doctor. 

Colonoscopy Saves Lives. Deductibles are met hence Time to get colon cancer screening.

We all know that health care deductibles are rising every year. Our beloved health insurance companies keep pushing over more and more financial responsibilities towards you – The customer. Lots of people are not aware that screening colonoscopies Are covered my most insurance plans. Colonoscopy Saves Lives by removing polyps which will turn into cancer.

As a Gastroenterologist who has done more than 18,000 Procedures I am honored to report that we have caught cancer early and polyps early. We have the ability to save a family from the ruins inflicted by cancer. We Stop Colon Cancer. We Save Lives. We save families. We have seen colon polyps in patients as young as 18 years. Colon cancer can occur as young as age 24. Do not wait too long because colon cancer will not wait for you. That’s why get your colon cancer screening now. Take control of your health as only you can take care of yourself.

Towards end of the year the  insurance deductibles are met so chance of your procedures fully covered by insurance company are very strong. Schedule your colonoscopy now. Our friendly office staff is on the standby for you. You owe this to yourself & your loved ones.

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