Freitag-Weinhardt, Inc. Introduces HVAC Service Department

Freitag-Weinhardt, Inc. Introduces HVAC Service Department

Vigo County’s nationally recognized mechanical contractor, Freitag-Weinhardt, Inc., announces the introduction of their HVAC Service Department to the Wabash Valley. Freitag-Weinhardt and its existing customers collectively identified the marketplace need and the opportunity for the firm to add the HVAC Service Department to their list of growing services.

“This was a customer need that we recognized as an area in which our business could grow,” states Mark Unger, president. “We are always looking for feasible ways to provide more opportunities for our current and prospective customers, and this one just made sense.”

The new service department will cater to industrial and commercial clients and specifically those who need HVAC units, boilers, chillers/freezers, building management systems, etc., serviced and installed.

Freitag is the area’s largest employer of Union Tradespeople, averaging over 300 union workers. The company has an EMR of 0.42 and 0 lost time accidents, both impressive statistics for a company of their size.

The company currently includes services in general construction, construction management, fabrication, plumbing & HVAC, process piping, erecting & equipment setting, and vessel fabrication and repairs. 

A proud member of the Wabash Valley Contractors Association, Freitag looks forward to continuing to serve the Wabash Valley.

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