Election 2019: Ways to Encourage Employee Voting

Early voting in Terre Haute and Vigo County is underway, with election day on Tuesday, November  5. The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce is working with the Vigo County Public Library’s #votevigo campaign to encourage voting for all Vigo County and Terre Haute residents. Employers are also asked to encourage voting among staff and employees. Here’s a few ideas:

1. Have an office lunch party and take time to go vote together 

2. Have employees break into groups and coordinate times for each group to go vote during the day 

3. Offer employees to come in late or leave early to vote 

4. Enter all employees who voted into a raffle for a prize 

5. Send out a list of all voting locations, highlighting ones closest to the office 

6. Let employees who voted have a casual dress day 

7. Let employees know about the Vote Vigo campaign on Twitter and Facebook for voting reminders and live wait times at the polls on Election Day #VoteVigo 

8. Inform employees of Vote Vigo’s website if they have questions or want to know more about voting. Ex. the website has info on how to use the voting scanner machines  

9. Have an Election Day potluck/party for the office and encourage the need to vote 

10. Put out an informative sheet of what’s on the ballot (Ex. Vote Vigo explains the referendums on their website and what it means to put yes or no) 

11. Put Election Day on the company calendar and send a reminder 

12. Encourage voting early to skip long lines 

13. Send out an Election Day checklist. Ex. know you voting location, know the ballot, have your identification ready, get out and vote 

Learn more at Vote Vigo sites:https://www.vigo.lib.in.us/votevigo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/votevigo/T

witter: https://twitter.com/votevigo

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