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Downtown Terre Haute Planter Boxes Starting To Bloom

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome guest bloggers, Downtown Terre Haute Coordinator Stephanie Pence and Streetscape Volunteer Kelly Ford. 

Welcome Spring!

If you’re like us, there’s an excitement with spring in the air and warm summer days ahead. Before we all check out for vacation and some much needed vitamin D, we have a little work to do on our downtown presentation and we need your help. This year, with the help of some volunteers, we are trying a new grass roots approach to the planter boxes in the downtown area. While the goal is full participation, we realize that’s not a reality for everyone. What we do ask is for you to respond by choosing one of the options below.

1. I would like to use a landscape company of my choice to maintain my planter box. (Perfect, see guidelines below.)
2. I’ll get out there and get my hands dirty! Myself and/or my employees will do it. (Great! See guidelines below)
3. I’m not sure. Can I pay someone to do it? (Yes, below are recommendations of some landscapers already maintaining downtown planter boxes.)
4. I do not want to have anything to do with my planter box. (We will assign the box to one of our volunteer landscape companies or community organization.)

Recommended Landscape Companies

  • Metzger Landscape Inc- Hank Metzger (812) 235-3243
  • Rose Hill Lawn Care- Cary Albin (812) 230-0024
  • Prox Lawn Care Inc- Travis Norris (812)249-1845
  • Mascari Lawn & Landscape- Brian Mascari (812) 466-6807
  • Precision Lawn Care/Vigo Turf-Chad Feller (812) 249-7508


  • Pull up any old bushes (Including the rose bushes)
  • Dig up dirt and add more if needed.
  • Plant with dwarf, drought resistant grasses, mulch
  • Greg Fields, Master Gardner had a few suggestions for flowering grasses.
    • Balloon Flowers, Coreopsis, Echinacea (coneflowers), English Lavender, Threadleaf Hyssop, Russian
      Sage, Trilliums, Butterfly Weed

Please let us know as soon as possible, spring has arrived late and we are anxious to start this process.

Stephanie Pence, Downtown Terre Haute Coordinator

Kelly Ford, Streetscape Volunteer

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