Community Plan Priorities

The See You In Terre Haute Community Plan pillars have not changed since 2019. However, as projects are completed and new opportunities arise, the community plan is flexible to meet new challenges. Below, you'll see highlights of the main current priorities of each pillar.

Infrastructure Pillar

Overall Goal: Strengthen the community’s basic structures, facilities, and services.


    • Roads
    • Wastewater
    • Housing
    • Neighborhood Revitalization
    • Transportation

Tourism Pillar

Overall Goal: Bring more visitors to Terre Haute and create a better visitor experience.


    • Improving Gateways to Community
    • Preparing Businesses for Tourism
    • See You In Terre Haute Branding
    • Creating New Experiences for Visitors
    • Sports and Recreation Opportunities

Economic Development Pillar

Overall Goal: Increase the development of small business.


    • Business Expansion
    • Start-Ups/Entrepreneurs
    • Support Existing Businesses
    • West Central Business Hub
    • Investors

Health & Wellness Pillar

Overall Goal: Improve community health outcomes.


    • Substance Use
    • Mental Health
    • Nutrition
    • Physical Activity

Quality of Life Pillar

Overall Goal: Enhance the community’s overall sense of place and quality of life.


    • Wabash Riverfront
    • Parks
    • Events
    • Community Gathering Places
    • Public/Private Partnerships

Talent Attraction/Retention Pillar

Overall Goal: Retain talent/graduates from Terre Haute and attract talent outside the region.


    • Universities
    • Internships
    • Workforce
    • Reputation Management/Perception
    • K-12