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Terre Haute Community Census Day Scheduled for October 24

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and the See You in Terre Haute Community Plan are hosting the bi-annual “Community Census Day” on October 24, 2023.

With similarities to the federal Census, the Chamber and See You in Terre Haute Community Plan have put the focus on the local level, asking for the “Community Census” survey to be taken twice a year by people in four different segments; Terre Haute residents, college students, high school students and visitors.

While Community Census Day is slated for October 24, the survey will be live and can be taken throughout fall. Community Census Day has taken place 3 times prior to this fall, starting in April 2022. The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce was able to gather many insights that helped guide the direction of the plan. The census is meant to be taken bi-annually, so anyone who took the survey previously is encouraged to fill it out once again. Leaders will be able to monitor the progress of the See You In Terre Haute Community Plan over time through this survey.

“As part of the See You In Terre Haute Community Plan, we want to continue to gauge the sentiment and feelings of residents,” says Director of Community Engagement Josh Alsip. “Even if you participated previously, we encourage you to fill out the survey again.”

The business community has also been tapped to aid in participation. Businesses can share the survey on their social media channels and motivate employees to take it on Census Day. To ensure that the student population is represented, we are also asking our schools and higher education institutions to encourage their students to participate.

Community Census Day, October 24, has been set aside to encourage people to take the survey, although it is already online and available at this time. As an added incentive, those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for up to $250 in gift cards.

How Can You Get Involved with Community Census Day?

  • Businesses and individuals can share the survey on their social media pages.
  • Businesses will be provided census cards to help spread the word. If you would like marketing materials, please email
  • Businesses can encourage employees to take the survey. Have downtime at the office or during a staff meeting?
  • Take the time to complete the survey. Businesses could even offer employee incentives for those who have taken it.

Have Questions About the Community Census?

Josh Alsip
Director of Community Engagement