Changing Times, New Opportunities: Don’t Wait to Advance your Education

Changing Times, New Opportunities: Don’t Wait to Advance your Education

by Lea Anne Crooks, chancellor, Ivy Tech Terre Haute

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all had to adapt to a changing world and a changing Wabash Valley. Parents have adapted to alternate school schedules or transitioned their children to remote learning. Workers have had to adapt to new ways of doing their jobs–and that’s for the lucky ones. Others had to navigate unemployment or find a new place to work. And everyone was required to learn the new rules of keeping our families and communities safe.

Amid these difficulties, caring for others or starting a job search can take precedence over personal or professional goals. If you’re ill, caring for a sick loved one, or you’ve lost your job, other priorities may need to be put on hold. Sometimes, however, it is when we are most put to the test that we find the best opportunities for personal growth.

This is why Ivy Tech Community College is committed to offering students many safe ways to pursue an education and prepare for their futures. We know that everyone’s circumstances are different and that flexibility is critical. As a result, we offer classes virtually, online, blended, and some in-person for healthcare and technology fields, following CDC recommendations ( We have also introduced a new format called Learn Anywhere that allows students to choose week-to-week to attend class either in-person, virtually, or online.

Ivy Tech offers the majority of courses in an eight-week term which has proven to be more successful for adult learners, allowing them to graduate more quickly. Our next term begins October 26.

A wide variety of students can benefit from an Ivy Tech education:

  • Those who need to train for a new career quickly. Eight-week courses allow students to train for a new career in less than a year. And as part of Indiana’s Next Level Jobs Program, the Workforce Ready Grant pays for tuition and regularly-assessed fees for qualifying certificates at Ivy Tech. It’s a rare opportunity to receive a free education in a field where high wage, high demand jobs exist.
  • Guest students attending another college or university. A student enrolled at another institution can take Ivy Tech classes as a “guest student” and transfer the credits back to their primary college. Eight-week classes allow students to earn credits while on a break from their primary college, to continue their educational progress. This allows them to accelerate toward graduation more quickly and–given Ivy Tech’s position as the most affordable college in the state–save a considerable amount of money.
  • Those who need flexibility and support in their education. Whether students are looking for hands-on training in healthcare or technology, or the flexibility of virtual and online classes, Ivy Tech will help them choose the best option that meets their needs. Ivy Tech Terre Haute also provides support outside the classroom, offering free resources like tutoring, career development, a food pantry, and counseling through Valley Professionals Community Health Center. Faculty and staff take pride in meeting the needs of our diverse student body: working adults, parents and single parents, military members, guest college students, caregivers, volunteers, and recent high school graduates.

Regardless of your needs, the bottom line is that you don’t have to–and shouldn’t–put off the pursuit of your goals. Now more than ever, Wabash Valley employers need skilled workers, and Ivy Tech Terre Haute has many local partnerships to help our students secure employment or transfer. Starting at Ivy Tech in October is the first step toward a brighter future, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Contact us locally at