Better Health Wabash Valley Welcomes New Committee Chair, Continues Mission

Better Health Wabash Valley Welcomes New Committee Chair, Continues Mission

Terre Haute, IN – The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the relaunch of Better Health Wabash Valley, with direction from Terre Haute Regional Hospital CEO Nathan Vooys.

“As a hospital administrator, the health of our community is obviously important to me, but what I have found is that many business leaders and members of the Chamber are also interested in our community’s health; the people I’ve encountered with the Chamber are engaged, energetic and they don’t want to settle for the status quo,” Vooys says. “It gives me the opportunity to engage with another group of stakeholders that are interested in promoting health and wellness, which is very fulfilling. There are some serious issues and lots of work to be done, but we are all committed to pushing Terre Haute forward.”

Better Health Wabash Valley (BHWV) was established in 2009 as a branch committee of the Chamber and is charged with addressing the most serious health needs of our community. Members of the group include representatives of business and non-profit sectors.

The initiative was created to bring together regional health-related, education-related and business organizations to collectively find ways to improve the health of the six-county community. The group plans to accomplish those goals through long-term, broad-reaching, community-wide solutions that address important wellness issues facing both businesses and individuals every day.

“We are excited to have Nathan Vooys on board to help re-engage and re-energize the program,” Kristin Craig, Chamber Vice President says. “He has filled a void and re-ignited the conversation.”

“As our community continues to work towards initiatives to improve quality of life and quality of place, Better Health Wabash Valley is so important in terms of healthcare, health education and health programs,” Craig explains. “Nathan brings great knowledge and excitement as the chair of the committee. We’re excited to get this group together again and see what can be accomplished.”

The first BHWV meeting of 2019 is scheduled for Thursday, March 7 at 4pm. ONI Risk Partners will host the group.