A Letter from Leadership Connect 2022-2023 Co-Chairs

A Letter from Leadership Connect 2022-2023 Co-Chairs

Leadership Connect of West Central Indiana, formerly known as Terre Haute Young Leaders, was founded by some inspirational and influential community members in 2006. When founded and throughout the years, growing—and eventually thriving—as a professional was coveted and our organization checked all the boxes:

☑ Rooms filled with budding professionals who met regularly

☑ Time to chit chat and decompress at monthly lunch meetings

☑ Incubation to grow personally and professionally in a safe space

☑ Education and support of local businesses and organizations

We were—and continue to be—a resume builder that DELIVERS. But, times have changed. The hustle and bustle has slowed down. Rightfully so. We’ve all taken the time to slow down and reprioritize. Some of this was spurred by the (dreadful) pandemic and some of it was going to happen no matter what. As we foster growth and cultivate relationships, our members may outgrow our organization by getting promoted, moving, or shifting gears altogether.

Did you know all of our 2021 Advisory Board members received promotions or got new jobs? Us included! And we’re thrilled for everyone who was in the same boat. We know a lot of you joined our membership because you were looking for a new job. Or hoping to find friends who also work in the community. Or weren’t getting the fulfillment you desired at your 9-5. We hope you’ve all found value in Leadership Connect and will renew your membership for the exciting events we’re concocting for this year!

We launched a rebrand in January 2020 and hosted one in-person event before everyone’s lives changed mere weeks later. Our membership and our board took some time away from events and plans that were previously so, so looked forward to. We are thankful for the founding members’ vision, past board’s ideas, and all of our members’ support. We’re looking ahead at a prosperous two years where we’ll focus on rebuilding and revitalizing our organization in this new, slower-paced world. So, hang on, folks! We’re gearing up for the changes you all deserve.

—Mel Kirchner and Amber Stinson, Co-Chairs 2022-2023