CLEAR Program Provides Solutions for Vigo County Residents

Terre Haute, Ind. – A new program in Vigo County was funded to curb substance use disorder. “Choose Law Enforcement Assisted Recovery,” or the CLEAR Program is a collaborative effort, coordinated by United Way of the Wabash Valley. CLEAR involves the Vigo County Prosecutor’s Office, Terre Haute Police Department and Vigo County Sheriff’s Office, and providers. 

“The CLEAR program is a perfect example of what United Way provides to our community. By bringing together multiple organizations we were able to work together to develop a program that can truly change people’s lives,” said Abby Desboro, Co-Executive Director of United Way of the Wabash Valley. “We are extremely proud of the work each of our partner organizations are doing on the CLEAR project and by being open to working differently as we work to provide the best possible outcomes for individuals.”    

Through the program, law enforcement will have a 24/7 option to bring immediate support services by a Peer Recovery Coach, to a detained individual at the point of contact. The Prosecutor’s Office can also offer the program services over the three days following a citation or arrest. The program is not a pre-arrest diversion, meaning that individuals will still be cited to court or arrested. 

“While public safety is a concern in every community, citizens of Terre Haute and Vigo County care about the people who make up its cities and towns. Public safety improvements continue to be a focal point of the See You In Terre Haute Community Plan,” said Josh Alsip, Director of Community Engagement for the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce. “Both the declining crime statistics and the overall feeling of safety of its citizens prove that Terre Haute is a safe community.”

To date, 14 individuals have been referred to the program, 5 being a result of law enforcement requesting a peer join them in the field. Overall, 9 of the 14 individuals referred to the program remain engaged in recovery services, demonstrating a 64% retention rate. Of the five individuals who were referred as a result of law enforcement requesting a peer presence in the field, all five remain engaged in recovery services. 

United Way’s efforts through CLEAR and other programs are essential in reaching the See You In Terre Haute Community Plan’s goals of halting population decline and increasing per capita income.