Member Benefit Spotlight: Ribbon Cuttings

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce holds dozens of ribbon cuttings every year as a way to celebrate all of the great businesses and attractions in our community. The Chamber handles the logistics of the event by inviting the Mayor and the media, supplying the ribbon and scissors and leading the presentation. Businesses and organizations can invite friends and family as well as prospective or current business partners.

“Ribbon cuttings are a great way to introduce a new business to the public,” said Lindsey English, Membership and Programs Coordinator. “The Chamber loves taking part in these events with our members.”

Ribbon Cuttings aren’t always for a new business, they can be held for a remodel, relocation or even an expansion. One of the most frequent local institutions that holds ribbon cuttings is the Terre Haute Children’s Museum. “We love hosting ribbon cuttings with the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce because it adds a level of community partnership to our events,” said Susan Turner, Executive Director of the TCHM. “I truly believe there are people who attend the ribbon cuttings who would never enter the Museum otherwise. It’s a great way to open your doors to the public and get more recognition of our wonderful museum.”

During the ribbon cutting the Mayor will speak about the impact the new business will have on the community and a Chamber representative will present the owners with a certificate.

“The ribbon cuttings serve as a great opportunity to remind people what a treasure we have right here in our community in the Terre Haute Children’s Museum. It’s a great way to welcome people into the building, develop relationships and tell our story to those who might not naturally come here,” Turner said. “The Chamber team makes everything so simple. They truly take care of all the details which is nice when you are busy putting the finishing touches on an exhibit.”

If you are interested in hosting a ribbon cutting for your new or expanding business please reach out to the Chamber’s Chief Operating Officer Jessica Cox at