Hamilton Center Implements Starting Salary Increases

Hamilton Center Implements Starting Salary Increases

Like all businesses in general, and health care facilities in particular, Hamilton Center Inc. is committed to retaining and recruiting top talent.

Hamilton Center is starting a full-scale effort to increase starting salaries and benefits for nurses and therapists.

A 2020 survey by flexjobs.com indicated that salary was the top factor considered by its job applicants in deciding which offer to accept (67 percent of applicants).

Hamilton Center will be making aggressive changes to its salary schedule for nurses and therapists to help satisfy this desire. Hamilton Center’s revised starting full-time salaries for nursing and therapist positions are:

  • Licensed practical nurse – $60,320
  • Registered nurse – $72,800
  • Unlicensed therapist – $55-63,000
  • LMHC-LMFT – $63-68,000
  • LCSW – $68-73,000

Melvin L. Burks, president and CEO of Hamilton Center Inc., said the changes are necessary in order for the corporation to continue to serve the 12 communities in which it has offices.

“If we cannot serve our consumers, then we lose our consumers,” he said. “It’s important that we get these positions filled. In addition to starting salary, we have an  ‘a la carte’ menu of benefits from which candidates can draw.”

Some items on the “a la carte” menu would be more appealing to recent college graduates, while experienced employees wanting to transfer from other organizations may prefer other choices.

  • Among the items on the list are:
  • Assistance with repayment of student loans
  • Availability of on-call shifts for overtime in other departments
  • Telehealth option
  • Monthly stipend for bypassing HCI insurance coverage
  • Opportunities for advancement

Flexibility in scheduling (potential of four 10-hour days or three 12-hour days per week, or options to work weekends only if desired; hours available would be posted for each job site) Monthly stipends to cover childcare costs The exact specifics of the “a la carte” program are not finalized, but applicants will be able to choose
“three or four” additional benefits to add to their salary.

Other benefits to all applicants would include the accruement of paid time off without a waiting period and bonuses.

The organization would have nearly 100 therapist positions if all were filled; 21 are currently vacant. In nursing, there are 8 vacancies out of 36 positions. Burks is serious about hiring nurses and therapists. He said, “People should stop in and see what we can do to further their careers. Let’s find a way.”

To apply online, visit www.hamiltoncenter.org/employment.

Hamilton Center, Inc. is a regional behavioral health system in Central and West Central Indiana with
corporate offices located in Terre Haute, IN. Services are provided to children, adults, and families, with
specialized programs for expectant mothers, infants, and people who may be struggling with stress, life
changes, or relationship issues, as well as more serious problems such as depression, anxiety disorders,
and serious mental illnesses.