A Letter from Chamber President: Bring the Noise and an Air Force Fighter Jet Training Facility

Chamber President Kristin Craig and the Chamber Board of Directors, continue to support Terre Haute’s Hulman Field at the Terre Haute Regional Airport campaign to be chosen as the site of an Air Force Fighter Jet training center facility. Read below for Craig’s letter, which will be published in Wednesday’s Terre Haute Tribune Star. 

It wasn’t that many years ago, the sound of a fighter jet overhead in Terre Haute wasn’t uncommon. We’ve had glimpses of the noise, thanks to a few air shows and fly-ins, but now we have a REAL chance to bring that noise back, permanently.

Earlier this year, we learned that Terre Haute’s Hulman Field was under consideration as the site of an Air Force Fighter Jet training center facility. The incredible assets of the Terre Haute Regional Airport, mainly two very long runways, open airspace and existing military presence, proved to be among the many reasons that we were not just under consideration, but actually identified as one of five sites vying for the opportunity.

Although we are very proud to be the home of the 181st Intelligence Wing and its high-tech missions, there is something to be said about hearing those fighter jets fly overhead and the pride we felt in knowing they were housed in our own backyard. Since the F-16’s left our Hulman Field in September of 2007, it feels like something has been missing.

Tribune Star/ Joseph C. Garza

And now, we have an opportunity to not only hear that noise again, but use it as a substantial driver of economic opportunity for our community. If we were to land (yes, pun intended) this training facility, conservatively, the associated impact would include new construction at the airport and military base, the relocations of hundreds military personnel to our community and the addition of even more international citizens from the countries who will utilize the training program, including Singapore and Switzerland. And long-term, it’s likely that some of the most prestigious aeronautics manufacturers could potentially co-locate with the training mission.

Tribune Star/ Joseph C. Garza

These are not the kind of opportunities that come along every day.

I am asking everyone in West Central Indiana to join me in supporting our 181st Intelligence Wing, Terre Haute Regional Airport and the entire state of Indiana as we vie for this opportunity. Share this letter with your friends, tell your family, post it on social media… let everyone know that Terre Haute stands more than ready to welcome the noise of fighter jets back to our community.


Kristin Craig

President, Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce