Guest Blog: West Central ISBDC

Opening a business can be one of the most exciting times in an entrepreneur’s life, but also one of the scariest. With raising capital, establishing a business plan, and navigating regulatory waters, many entrepreneurs don’t know where to begin when starting a business. Luckily, the West Central ISBDC provides no cost, one-on-one,confidential business consulting to help entrepreneurs through the process of starting and growing their own business.

Think back to when you started your business, what was the most exciting part? Let me guess, preparing the financial projections…no wait, I bet it was writing your business plan…better yet developing your marketing strategy! What? That was what you liked least?!? Well you’re in luck because all that “business stuff” is what the WC-ISBDC business consultants are passionate about and our combined expertise will help you work smarter and grow faster.

Client Relationships Matter

SBDC business advisors want you to be successful in launching or growing your business. Through one-on-one business consulting, your business advisor will sit down with you to find the best practices methods tailored for your business. There are no “cookie cutter” answers when it comes to advising clients, each relationship is unique; whether you need to write a business plan, increase operational efficiencies or develop unique marketing strategies you and your business advisor will work together to create impactful solutions for ultimate business success.

Comprehensive Network of Resources

Business advisors are trained and equipped with some of the most sophisticated business resources available.Partnerships developed with service providers allow the ISBDC to access the same information large corporations’ use when making strategic business decisions. Since the ISBDC is a non-profit organization, information provided to clients is often free or at a fraction of market price.

Become a client.

The ISBDC offers entrepreneurs expert guidance and a comprehensive network of resources for little to no cost.Services provided include one-on-one consulting, strategic planning, market research, loan assistance and much more. If you are starting your own business, take the New Business Survey. If you are looking to grow your established business, take our Existing Business Survey.

The West Central Indiana Small Business Development Center is located in the ISU Scott College of Business and can be reached at 812-237-7676.

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