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Our Mission

The mission of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce is to preserve, protect, and promote a business friendly environment, free of obstacles to growth and development.

Our Values

  • We value inspired and visionary leadership that demonstrates the highest standards of professionalism, ethical behavior, and fiscal responsibility. We believe that leadership is accountable to the Members and to the Community.
  • We value strategic thinking that includes an awareness and appreciation of our community’s history. We are committed to sustainable initiatives that develop a vibrant business community and a qualified workforce.
  • We value being a Member-driven organization that is inclusive, open minded, and non-partisan. We will promote diversity and be accessible to all levels of business.
  • We value representing the needs of businesses by creating and supporting growth opportunities, education and training, providing regular communication, serving as advocates and providing opportunities for social interaction.


Our Strategic Initiatives

  • Member Retention and Growth – We will provide educational programs and seminars. We will promote business development opportunities and partner with SCORE, SBA, and SBDC to serve the business community. We will regularly communicate with our Members and conduct monthly events to continue to promote networking and greater visibility for the Chamber.
  • To develop programs and seminars with the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) that will be beneficial to the members of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce.
  • The eProgress electronic newsletter will be used as the primary communication tool to keep the membership informed of the organization’s activities. The “Members Only” section on www.terrehautechamber.com will be enhanced to provide members exclusive access to information and data.
  • Develop Total Resource Campaign, in conjunction with Revenue Growth, Inc., to raise an additional $300,000 per year for the next five years, beginning in 2013.
  • Workforce Development – We are striving to break the cycle of poverty by elevating the skills of people in the local community to enter the workforce. We will encourage students to complete high school, engage in K-12 coursework preparatory for industrial entry level positions, and to provide education and business role models to elementary and junior high students.
    • Develop a Steering Committee for the workforce development efforts of the THCC. Identify up to nine individuals involved in workforce development efforts in Terre Haute to serve on the committee.
    • Identify and catalogue existing workforce development programs at the K-12 and community college levels.
    • Determine Chamber’s efforts in assisting local industry in finding employees for existing openings.
  • Advocating for a Business Friendly Environment – The Chamber will advocate at the local, state and federal levels on issues important to the business community. We will focus on both regulatory and legislative issues. We will promote a process of determining advocacy issues that is transparent to our Members.
  • Community Plan – We will develop strategic partnerships on issues of major importance to our community. We will support and participate in Terre Haute Tomorrow.
  • Revitalization of Terre Haute and Wabash Valley – We believe it important to promote a sense of pride in our community, not only amongst businesses but for all of the citizens of Terre Haute. We will maintain continuing support for the positive directions that have been initiated over the past decade in revitalizing our downtown area.
    • To be addressed in conjunction with the Community Visioning process through Terre Haute Tomorrow.
  • Health and Wellness – The Chamber needs to continue to be active with Better Health Wabash Valley. We support the community health assessment and the collaboration with surrounding counties on issues of health. We believe it is essential to focus on issues of obesity, tobacco usage and creating a clearinghouse for best practices.
    • Through the Better Health Wabash Valley committee (BHWV) develop programs to address the health issues of obesity (with emphasis on Childhood Obesity) and tobacco use. The program shall include a list of best practices on the THCC website.
    • Develop a comprehensive and integrated grant proposal to the WellPoint Foundation to further the goals of BHWV.
  • Miscellaneous Discussions
    • Staff Support and Development – The participants of the Planning Conference recognized the importance of retaining a professional Chamber staff. They expressed support for on-going staff development.
    • The staff shall attend seminars and continuing education course offered by the Indiana Chamber Executives Association (ICEA), the American Chamber of Commerce Association (ACCE), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, WebLink and Ivy Tech (when appropriate).
    • Improving Survey Responses – The recent Membership Survey generated a 7% response from Members. Several suggestions on improving future survey participation included:
      • Personalize the request to complete the survey.
      • Personalize an email reminder to non-respondents.
      • Offer an incentive for completing the survey.
      • Remember brevity; a shorter survey will more likely be completed.