The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome guest blogger Perfect Assistant 4 You! Owner Jackie Cossio Wilkins explains services perfect for the holidays.

It’s the holidays we’re all stressed out – how can Perfect Assistant 4 You help me during this time?

I can help with the small things & big things that get pushed to the side when you’re trying to get it all done.  Let me make your personal appointments – hair, nails, doctor/dentist. Need some vacation plans/ideas…let me pull some information together.  Let me get on the social media postings that you’ve been “trying” to get back to.  Let me sort your e-files – organization feels great. Holiday gifts – let me shop online for you.  Holiday party invites, event prep…let me take that off your plate. Let me make your business appointments to prepare you for the new year.

What makes you passionate about your business/helping other with their business?

Just seeing the relief come over their faces is a great feeling…for both of us! I help them be more productive, get organized, expand their business and have more time to do the things they need to be doing. So many business owners get to the place where they are overwhelmed…they need help but can’t find the time to ask. I can be that lifesaver they need.

If someone thinks they don’t have the time or money to devote to an assistant, what would you say?

This can be a common thought for new business owners.  They are already spending a lot getting their business up and running.  The most costly thing they can do is fall behind the multitude of admin tasks, causing them more stress and not focusing on running the business they have started. I have the knowledge and experience (over 20 years as an executive admin) and I can help get them out of the stress pit. Once caught up, it doesn’t take as much time to maintain.  Mistakes happen, prospects are lost or aren’t called back, deadlines pass…this can cost a lot of money.  Investing in a virtual assistant will give you some hours back in your week and costs a lot less in the long run.

Hiring a virtual executive assistant beats hiring an in-house administrative assistant when you’re on a small budget because it’s cost-effective. There’s no (or low) overhead associated with hiring a virtual assistant due to the fact that there’s no need to provide them with employer wage deductions, vacation pay, health insurance, office space, furnishings, or equipment. Those savings alone are incredibly appealing. What’s more, you won’t need to deal with daunting HR paperwork or training and management.

How do you help businesses with end of the year events, reports, business, etc?

Year-end can be hectic and stressful for all of us, however, I can alleviate some of that stress by helping plan your events – invites, food, location; gather your information together for reporting – receipts, reports, etc.; set meeting schedules for the new year; create and send out newsletters, customer thank you cards, end of the year recap, get your marketing plan together and many more tasks.

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